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My Friend Andrea

Hey All! 

I am sitting in "The Italian Place" Roma with Andrea's Mac. I am drinking a Bintang Besar and I am people watching. This was all Andrea's idea. She is a very dedicated teacher and right now she is dealing with a serious Project: Project Paula. I know exactly what I would be doing without her. I would be lying in my room reading and worrying about my ankle. 

The picture above was from last year when Andrea and I went to the Tiger Temple in Thailand. I will never forget how grumpy I was that day. OMG. I wouldn't have wanted to be hanging out with me. But Andrea is still my friend to this day. Thanks! 

This morning she gave me Ibuprofen and red tiger balm. (This is the second jar that she has given in my life. The first was two years ago at the end of my trip when I was suffering from small tears in my intercostals. No problem.. I only had two days left.) I was thinking about all this and I am pretty lucky. This is my seventh year here and this is the only time I have been really injured in all that time. AND, being injured now as opposed to one of the first years here is way better because I have had so much support from friends and family. EVERYONE has a way to heal me. What was the one today? Oh.. Ellie from the beach told Andrea to tell me to take some.. leaf.. and smush up some red onion and put it all on my ankle like a compress. Hey... I might do it! I will do anything! (almost!) 

Yesterday was my first day walking. Well, pirate walking. Slow, pirate walking. I walked to the restaurant for breakfast and then to the internet and home. (This is all very close) I rested. Then, Andrea was going surfing so I practiced walking slowly to the beach and then I sat there for an hour and then I walked back. I had lots of time to chat while walking. Everyone wanted to know what happened. I say, "Lari," then make a cracking motion with my wrist. People offered to help me but I told them I was practising walking. They would say.. slowly! (I lost my key while on the beach and Andrea walked back and one of the coke ladies from my tree had it! WOW! THANKS!! And.. how can you lose a key walking so slow?) 

Last night was rough. I was sore from all of my practice. I didn't have any more medicine. I was dreaming of Advil. Throbbing for Advil. Andrea brought some to breakfast! yay!! I am going to have to do that though.. keep practicing and hurting and healing.. otherwise I will be stuck one foot not being able to bend. I should look up on the computer some exercises to do. I will do that after this. What an exciting day eh? 

It isn't all bad though. Yesterday Andrea and I went for a body scrub and massage. I am so smooth and massaged. That cost 100 000Rp and I tipped the guy.. Cinta - our friend from last year - 50 000Rp. (Total $15 for about one hour and a half) (He is a benchung - gay guy...) We go to this same salon all the time, Lilis, and if you treat them well.. they are always good to you. You don't have to tip here - but they make so little money.. why not? If they do a good job I don't see why not. It makes everyone happy. 

I heard that Patrick went home sick. I feel bad about that but what can I do? I was stuck in my room. I didn't know he was sick and he didn't know I was broken. I don't think he will ever come back to Bali again. I hope his negative Bali mood doesn't infect his sister who is coming in August. (When I will be running and surfing again. This is my goal for real. I want to be back in action by August. I think that is reasonable. Today is day 6... and it is the 14th? Three weeks. Two more weeks of ... ankle sucks and then a month of surf and running!) 

OK. I am going to look up what exercises I can do to improve my ankle. If you are reading this and you can walk.. please go do some exercise for me! Go run, go dance... go move and be happy and send me some of that energy love!! 

Whoa.. I didn't like reading this:
OH no... chronic pain if not healed right? I think mine is severe.. DAMN.. OK.. now I am worrying!! Andrea... come back to the Restaurant and save me again! Breathe.. why why why.. oh wow.. and you all thought I was calm and strong... Why did I read that? Sweet ignorance where are you??? 

Now this:
I gots to chill. I am strong and I will heal quick because I am a good strong person.. right? This sucks! 


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