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Jonny and I started my birthday dinner day, Tuesday, May 14th at the Bayside lounge. I had some chicken wings and he had some dry ribs. My view was beautiful. The ocean looked good too. (Did you get that one Jonny? I think your are a beautiful view!)
We checked into the Sylvia Hotel. We had been planning this for almost a year. We talked and schemed about what would be the best anniversary tradition we could start. Neither of us have stayed there before but we both have some family stories from the Sylvia. It is old and has many stories. It is close to home but still in a beautiful location. We really made a great choice. Although the building inside is quite old, the view was amazing and the beds were super awesome!

At 6:30 we met Pat, Pam, Mom, Dad, Sam, Heidi, Belle, and Laya for dinner. We had a beautiful dinner at the Boathouse. The sun was shining and reflecting off the water and then we got to enjoy the sunset as well. It was a bit loud, and squishy though. 

I got to look at t…