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California Dreaming: LA to Williams Ca./ Williams to Eugene Or. / Eugene to HOME!

Friday morning we were awake nice and early. (Thanks boy!) I did a load of laundry, we packed up, and hit the road. The first night we made it to Williams, California. We stayed in a Quality Inn. There wasn't much in this little town except for maybe some mosquitos. The boy and I went for a swim, we had some Chinese food and we hit the sack. The internet at this hotel was one device at a time. So annoying! 

The next day we were up even earlier and we made it to Eugene, Oregon. We stayed in a Super 8 and Jonny got us a pizza.

California Dreaming: Venice Beach Extended Family Edition

Saturday, Jonny, the boy, and I went to Zuma beach. The boy napped for most of it and Jonny took pics while I surfed. I didn't surf the same spot Annina and I had surfed because there was some sort of run, bike race thing going on and that parking lot was occupied. We did pay the $10 weekend fee to park because we wanted the boy to be sleeping in the car close to the beach... not on the side of the highway where it is free. I missed my surfing partner Annina.