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Island Vacay: July 5 - 19th

Victoria Our island vacay started in Victoria. We stayed at the Strathcona on top of Big Bad John's... where I still haven't been hahaha... We walked around the city and Sitka had big tables you could sit at and drink beer... so we did!
The boy did not have a good sleep. We ended up bringing him into the bed with us. We were worried we would wake up the people around us. It felt like I ended up standing the whole night and getting up at 6:30. It was awful. He usually sleeps right through the night and now that we are home he is back to his normal self. He now has two little teeth chilling in his grill! haha..

Courtney Next we went to Courtney to meet up with the rest of the family for Krista's celebration of life. We spent Saturday at Auntie Helen's. It was awesome chilling in the yard and visiting with all the fam. I ran around and got pictures with everyone - some I knew... some I didn't... some I did a long time ago. It was just a spur of the moment thought and…