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2016: Summer Sweat: Salinas, Medford, Kelso, Kelso - HOME

First stop: Salinas, California - Motel 6 ($96 US) Drove down the 1 to the 101 again. There was a lot of fog so we didn't get to see the ocean as much as we would have liked. We should have just taken the 5 out - we would have gotten farther and we would have missed Salinas. 
Review: Expensive for a Motel 6 ($96 US)
Good pool - warm
renovated rooms
Close by: McDonald's, In and Out Burger
- We will not stay here again.
Second stop: Medford, Oregon - Motel 6 ($73 US) Review: Good pool - but off a lot of people hanging out by the pool drinking - living at the hotel? Weed smells.
Close by: Dairy Queen
- We will not stay here again.
Third/Forth stop:  Kelso, Washington - Motel 6 ($73 US) Skate park, park, water park, pool.
We don't like the pet policy.
I can see your smile in the arm of that hoodie big boy :-)

Colourful rigs. Ice cream date with mommy.
There is a play place at this McDonalds - remember for next time.
Kelso park.
Kelso splash park

First cannon …

2016: Summer Sweat: LA la land

First night at the beach :-) Mornings in Mailbu Christian played in the water in his wet suit. He was swimming and touching the ground.

Waiting for tacos. Two pork tacos - only two... any more is too many.
Ceviche - sushi of the south - so good! So worth the wait. Peanut butter bear hugs. Big chippies from the ceviche.
Big bears at the sushi spot while doing laundry.

Garden play. Beach track.