Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016: Summer Sweat: Salinas, Medford, Kelso, Kelso - HOME

First stop: Salinas, California - Motel 6 ($96 US)

Drove down the 1 to the 101 again. There was a lot of fog so we didn't get to see the ocean as much as we would have liked. We should have just taken the 5 out - we would have gotten farther and we would have missed Salinas. 
Review: Expensive for a Motel 6 ($96 US)
Good pool - warm
renovated rooms
Close by: McDonald's, In and Out Burger
- We will not stay here again.

Second stop: Medford, Oregon - Motel 6 ($73 US)

Review: Good pool - but off a lot of people hanging out by the pool drinking - living at the hotel? Weed smells.
Close by: Dairy Queen
- We will not stay here again.

Third/Forth stop:  Kelso, Washington - Motel 6 ($73 US)

Skate park, park, water park, pool.
We don't like the pet policy.
I can see your smile in the arm of that hoodie big boy :-)

Colourful rigs.
Ice cream date with mommy.

There is a play place at this McDonalds - remember for next time.

Kelso park.

Kelso splash park

First cannon ball.

Eating all daddy's chicken.

Savannah - swimming friend.

Friday, August 12, 2016

2016: Summer Sweat: LA la land

First night at the beach :-)
Mornings in Mailbu
Christian played in the water in his wet suit. He was swimming and touching the ground.

Waiting for tacos. Two pork tacos - only two... any more is too many.

Ceviche - sushi of the south - so good! So worth the wait.
Peanut butter bear hugs.
Big chippies from the ceviche.

Big bears at the sushi spot while doing laundry.

Garden play.
Beach track.

Looking for spots.

Morning skates.

Morning park play.
Riding a bumble bee backwards.
Sweaty mama.

Carrie and I's street.

The annual Dad and Boy picture.

The Pirate Park

No waves
Floating in the ocean.

Washing clothes.
I found Lip Smackers roll on shiner!! WHAT?! YAY!

Nap time before our late night on the pier.

New girlfriend.

Rides :-)
Pokemon Go Zombies

We won 1000 tickets!!!!!!!
And got a fire truck and a sticky hand :-)
Good bye LA. See you next time.