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Christian's third birthday in Whistler:
Here we go... driving the Sea to Sky
Arriving in Whistler and checking out all the lights. 

 We stayed at the Executive Inn this time. We liked it. 
 That is our balcony. We had a cool view of the village and the mountain. 
 I think this is mom's view from The Hilton? 
 Friday night at the Spaghetti Factory. 
Rob, Lynn, Austin, and Tyler's huge spot at the Black Bear? or Blackcomb Lodge. 

Lynn playing Zombie with Christian.. so awesome! 
 View from our balcony. That is Rob and I down there. 

 Morning patio. 
We went swimming in our pool. I didn't get a picture. It was outdoor and I thought we would be in and out of there but it was so warm... and so hard to get out.. because it was so cold.... we were in there for two hours!! Christian learned to put his face under water and look for me. We played lots of games... it was so beautiful and the sun was shining. 
 We found some snow - with a snow tunnel!! (It was pretty hard snow th…