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Vegmas 2014

Our main goal was to get out of the rain so we could skate. Vegas it is! For $400 each you can't really go wrong. The weather is like Vancouver fall weather. It is warmer during the day and cools off at night. The pool is open and 80 degrees but your face is a bit cold if it is out of the pool. It is perfect skate weather and this is the first time we have been able to really walk around Vegas comfortably.

How was the flight? This was our first flight with a seat for the boy. That was a lot better. Although he did sit on my lap for the last forty five minutes or so. He still can't sit and be distracted by one thing for a long time. So, it is constant work to entertain and distract him. He did good - but I wouldn't have wanted to be on that plane much longer. He was worse in the car on the drive to Bellingham. 
Let's talk about Bellingham... or Ferndale. Would I park my car in this lot again (I-5 Park and Fly $2/day + $15 cab ride)? Maybe - depends on the length of the …