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Vegas Annibirthversry Days: May 16 - 20, 2013 - The Boy's First Flight

My birthday started on Wednesday when we were still in Vancouver. Jonny, Christian, and I went for a walk and chill. Jonathon got his hairs trimmed up and we sat at a couple of different city spots and enjoyed the different flavours and views. Somewhere along our travels we lost Sophie the giraffe and wish her well in her new life. I envision her with a cute little puppy squeaking happily. Christian's new favourite things to put in his mouth are water bottles.... and... Gatorade bottles...  At one of our chill spots Jonny gave me my birthday presents... I scored! I also won ten bucks on crossword scratch and wins. It was a great day that started with swimming and ended with beers with G in Gastown. None of it was planned it just was one of those nice sunny I am leaving for Vegas on my birthday tomorrow days. 

The next morning came too soon. A hang over is never fun and it is even less fun with a baby that wakes up and is ready to go and is smiling at you and gloating at how good h…