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Bay View State Park and Seattle - From the Woods to the City! June 24 - 27, 2011

Jonny and I decided to get out of the city for the weekend. We did one night of camping at the Bay View State Park in Washington and then a couple of nights at the SeaTac in Seattle, Washington. Check it out: First of all, here is Jonny with one of my old hoodies on... why??? Cause on the way to camping we stopped at Ross and he dorkily forgot his American Apparel hoodie at the Ross while he was trying on T-shirts. He got a little too excited. We have now boycotted the Ross in Bellingham and will not buy any more AA Hoodies. (We went back to see if they had a lost and found but they said they must have hung it up and sold it???)  Anywho, back to camping! This is Bay View State Park. We got in about 7:30. Jonny started a fire and we cooked some shrimps and chicken on sticks. Quiet time starts at 10. This place had a lot of rules. A LOT! It seemed to us as if someone had too much time on their hands and enjoyed making signs. I think that person needs to get out into the real world for a …