Thursday, July 19, 2012

Planning for Baniener

Wednesday, August 1: 

flight number: LX 8010date: 01 Aug 2012time: 13:10from: Zuricharriving in Vancouver: 01 Aug 2012, time: 14:50, Terminal: M.
Meet Annina at the airport at 3pm. Take the SkyTrain.
Fireworks at night - 8pm at the Bayside Lounge!  

Thursday, August 2: 

Breakfast at the Grove on Denman walk around Lost Lagoon and back home along C wall.
Rest day -- all you can eat sushi!! 
Vancouver Aquarium - walk down Robson

Friday, August 3: 

Run False Creek
Granville Island

Saturday, August 4: 

Leave for Seattle - 
Outlets - hotel - downtown - Music Museum - Shorty's - Crab Pot - back to hotel

Sunday, August 5: 

Drive to Cannon Beach - hotel -(Sea Breeze Court - $200 +8%) hang out on the beach - rent suits and boards for the next day

Monday, August 6:  - Jonny's Bday! 

Get up and go to Short Sands beach - surf - come back to hotel and check out  - shower (in the hotel office if we need it) and return gear and drive back to Vancouver. 

Tuesday, August 7: 

Grouse Grind - 

Wednesday, August 8: 


Thursday, August 9: 

Bikram with Carrie
Stand-up Paddle boarding

Friday, August 10: 

Day activity - 

Saturday, August 11: 

Ferry to Victoria - spend day in Victoria - hotel (Paul's Motor Inn $135.95) 

Sunday, August 12:

Drive to Tofino - hotel - rent gear - surf - hotel (Dolphin Motel $169 +tax + late checkout if we choose) 

Monday, August 13: 

Surf - return gear - shower (we have till noon but can pay for a late check out on the day) - drive / ferry back to Vancouver. 

Tuesday, August 14: 

Movie night in Stanley Park 

Wednesday, August 15: 

Day Activities: 

Harbour Dance
Bikram Yoga
Stand up Paddle Boarding
Grouse Grind
Whistler - mountain biking
Vancouver beach chill day
Shopping in the city - Granville - Robson - Pacific Centre
Walk the C wall
UBC/ Wreck Beach
Sea Bus to North Van - Gastown
Commercial Drive 
Night Markets
Granville Island
Rent a boat! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

101, I5 North: San Francisco, Richardson Grove, Kelso, Langley - HOME!

We left the hot, steamy Lodi, California and drove West to San Francisco. We past a wind field. 

 We stopped in Berkley to get some cash for the toll bridge. (Bay $4) 

 We drove around the city looking for parking. We found a garage that was $3/ 20 minutes. We were hungry and had to pee. There was a sushi place right across the street. Good... let's go! 
 I got the Popeye roll - yam tempura roll with spinach and peanut sauce on top - ummm... YUM!! The guy who served us invented this roll. I am going to ask my sushi people to make it for me here. Or, I could just order some gomae and a yam roll and make it myself. Afterwards we went for a little walk and then returned to the car. ($9 for parking) 

 When we got back to the car the valet dude left my lights on so I assumed the car was running. I release the break and rolled towards the sidewalk and steep road. When I pressed my foot on the break it wouldn't work!! UGH! The car isn't started!! E-break and start the car and use the power breaks. My heart was beating super fast. I thought we were going to drive right through the sushi place that we had just dined at. One more Popeye roll for the road please!! hahaha! YIKES! 

 We found the beach in SF and there were people surfing! It looked cold and windy. 

 Let's get out of here! We will have to do SF another time - book it in advance and do it right. This time we were just not feeling it. We weren't prepared and we were getting antsy to get back on the road. If you can't park... what else are you going to do? 
 I got gas at Petaluma: Total Gas: $453.18
Jonny got jerky and I got starburst. Road treats! 

 We camped one more time at Richardson Grove state park. 

 I did my yoges in the trees. 

 Total Gas: $493.18

Cottage Grove: Total Gas: $538.02
 We drove past Portland - almost home ... not wanting to stop. 

 Our last night - my longest driving day ever. I drove from the Redwoods in California to Kelso, Washington. We had Red Lobster - Jonny had steak and crab for $23 - he really enjoyed every bite. We got a place to stay at Super 8. This is a good stop! It had a pool, free breaky, wifi, and a nice room with good pillows, and a reasonable price. 

 Tacoma: Total Gas: $578.02
 We drove past Seattle. 
Blaine - Top it up for home: Final Total: $606.22
 Jonny was the DJ for the trip. The baby and I heard a plethora of music old and new. There were lots of memories going through my head and new dances being imagined. I wonder if I will get to choreograph any of those ideas into realization this fall or if they will have to wait until I go back after the baby? My idea list is getting long - and even longer now thanks to my DJ - navigator. 

 Jane's Addiction was one of our favourite re-visits. We closed the trip from the Oak street bridge home with it. 

Jonny and Dad rolling up our bed. The END! Thanks mom and dad for the welcome home dinner, car wash, and camping pack up! 

Favorite hotel: This is a toss up - either the Microtel in Lebec or Super 8 in Kelso... the Jolly Roger was cool too - but it loses because of the price. 
Favourite camping spot: Richardson Grove State Park
Favourite moment: Jonny running beside me for a second on Venice Beach. 
Scariest moment: The moment I realized the truck wasn't running and I was trying to stop in SF. 
Favourite driving moment: Night time through LA following Pam and watching the airplanes line up for landing. There were so many more planes lined up to land than in Richmond over the Oak street bridge. 
Favourite spot: Venice Beach! 
Favourite food: This is another toss up - ice-cream cookie sandwich and the Popeye roll. 
Favourite run: Cannon Beach

Regrets: not booking the Alcatraz tour and not taking a picture at Casablanca's and at Shanny's house.