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Is that a leaf blower?

I was walking back from the beach and there was a man in the parking lot fiddling around with what looked like a hand made leaf blower. I was staring at it and then looking around for leaves but I couldn’t see any. Hmmm..

I went to my room and was reading my book and I heard this loud noise. This must be the weed wacker.. what.. you know what I mean! THEN, the smell and fog hit me. I am outta here. I know what this is. This for the nyamuks! (mosquitos!) I went away and ran some errands and came back to a dengue/malaria free zone. I guess this is a good thing… but now that I see, hear, and smell how it is done I also question how safe was that fog that I breathed in?

Wave report: The waves are still small! I don’t mind too much. I know that it will be huge on Sunday and then they will be too big!

Run report: I went for a quick 3km tempo this morning. I was listening to the Roots – How I Got Over – the whole time. That is all I have been listening too since it came out and it is helping me get over. Here I will sing some for you…. Wait.. no.. I will put in a YouTube here:
I ran at 9am this morning and it was HOT! I slept in cause I was out with Sabine last night.. so that is all good! YAY new Swiss teacher friend!

Scooter report: I don’t have one yet! I will get one when Andrea gets here on Saturday!!

Weather report: Sunny!! AND HOT! AND I LOVE IT!! I don’t actually ever remember sweating this much though. Is it possible that I have become a sweatier person or is it just hotter?

Kid Report: I played piggy in the middle with Tia and Agus will we were all sweating and sticking our head under the tap. Of course I have an unfair height advantage in this game and when I was the pig was there for one throw – but I made pig noises the whole time! Hahaha!

Tia and I also had some time together yesterday and she did some writing in my notebook and gave me some stickers! I wish I had stickers with me this year. Next year!

Tia and I also wished on a star. It took me a long time to think of a wish because my old one is obviously not coming true! Hahaha! I did it though. I should be a pro surfer any day… oops! Just kidding.. that wasn’t my wish!! Haha!!

Rumor report: hahaha.. not going there! I am not playing into the drama that is going on!

OK.. so I am uploading pics and it is taking a long ass time. I will start to describe them for you. Well, the first three are from Canada Day… so they shouldn’t even be here. But hey, I uploaded them and they are going in! This was Tasha’s party at Strathcona Park with Emma and Mikey.

These are pictures of the beach. This is Tamara and Sabine doing the slack line which is apparently super popular in Switzerland. The climbers started practicing this way in the parks and now people can flip from one to another and do crazy yoga moves on it. I couldn’t even take a step without Sabine’s hand. I will have to try again! She has gotten very good because she has been practicing a lot and came walk to the tree and then backwards!

This is the origami box from the Japanese woman on the plane. I am using it to keep my change in. It is actually quite amazing. I had it in my backpack which I used for a pillow and that box is indestructible.. Although.. I am sure it would burn quick – it being made out of intricately folder paper.

The next two are of Tia and Agus. I have a couple more but I can’t sit still any longer. I have been in here for over an hour as is.

When I do pics again I will just pic a couple of important ones not everything from my camera so far! (I wrote fart by accident.. hahaha! What? Am I 12?)

What else can I tell you while I am waiting for these last two pics? Hmmmm… A man with food on a bike just rode by. I don’t know what kind of food it was but now I am hungry. What should I have for dinner? I had nasi goring for breakfast and nasi padang for lunch… I woke up dreaming of cheese pizza because I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and in the first part of her book about Italy she talks about this really delicious cheese pizza. MMMM! I think I will just go to the restaurant here – Wayan’s restaurant and maybe have some nasi campur? Nasi means rice by the way… maybe I have had too much rice today… hmmm.. I really don’t know what I want. I wish that guy on the bike would come back. I will take that!

One more picture!!!!! What else can I tell you… hmmm.. magic mushrooms are legal here and you can buy them in milkshakes on pizza or in an omlette. You could always get them here but I have never seen them advertised in signs as much as this year. Not that I am going to eat those slimy, creepy things. I am wasting time.


  1. nice balance Paula!
    actually, my friend from japan is also in Bali to surf right now!

  2. Where is your friend? I have a sprained ankle now.. but maybe when I am better we can surf together! My Bali number is on my FB page...

  3. How`s your ankle??
    actually I just knew that he came back to Japan yesterday.


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