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Heartbreak Hotel

OK! Well, that was the worst end to the worst second day EVER! hahaa! don't worry I will live. I am getting good at this heartbreak. Who needs Swiss boys anyways.. no fun! I must say though, that was record time for me!

What is going on? I guess I can let you in now... NOTHING! I came over here and I wasn't me. Well, I was me.. but I was trying to like and love and it is so not me! I need my own room and my own space and to do what I want when I want. Thanks to those who I texted in the middle of the night. I have no more texts on my iphone till August now. HAHA.. no more WIFI.. I think that is what I will miss the most but probably better for me to get off Facebook for a ... while.. i was getting a little addicted to checking that thing. I need a break from that. I will get my sim card for my bali phone today and let you know what that is.. and you can try to dial in all those numbers and text me.. and I will do the same.

So, that is all I feel like writing about that. I am looking forward to Andrea getting here on the 10th and going to Sumbawa on the 17th... I think. We will sort that out when she gets here. Today, i am going to go and get a pedicure, get this pink shit off my my fingers, go to Surfer Girl and get new bikinis and go to Star Surf and get new flip flops! What a great no wave day.. and.. I am going to do it ALL ALONE! I don't need his lazy.. complaining, pessimistic.. booo hoo I am in Bali and I hate rice ... cause I am Swiss and I recycle my batteries face hanging around with me!

HAHAHA.. that was awesome.. sorry.


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