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Bali and Taipei: July 19 - August 21, 2011

This was Jonny's first time to Bali and our first time to Taipei. We walked, we surfed, I yoged (Bikram Yoga Bali), we scooted, we went to Andrea's wedding, and we had a lot of time to hang out together. And we still like each other a lot.. maybe even more... hahaha...  This is the day before we flew. We were drinking beers and eating chicken wings on Robson street. The sky was stormy and it rained shortly after. I remember getting an e-mail from my mom about them having really bad storms in Langley. It had been a really crappy two weeks that didn't feel or look anything like July. It was time to go!  These are the shirts we made to bring our friends in Bali.  These are the first two beers that we had on the flight. Our plane left at the 2am and we figured we could get some beer in the airport before we left but there was nothing open. These were good beers. Soon after, I fell asleep and Jonny was able to procure 5 more.  We made it to Taipei Airport. Tired. We had about five …