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First Day of School

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Hyeopjae Beach and Jonny's photos up until now...

Link about the beach Article about The Sea Women of South Korea We went on a new teacher trip to the beach yesterday. We went from 2-5. It takes about 40 minutes to get there. The beach was packed. There were so many cars in the parking lots and so many people on the beach. Biggy and I went for a big swim first. We swam out to the baby waves past the volcanic rock. It felt so good to be in the ocean. I don't think I have been in the ocean since Jacksonville. We had been told not to bring sand back with us in the bus. (Impossible... with so much sand at the beach and so many kids on the bus!) But to try and do this, we swam and then I put my cover up on to protect me from the sun and to fit more in with the locals who, mostly, are dressed more modestly. Some are wearing full on leggings and long sleeves. I am sure more to keep their skin white than to be modest at the beach. I did see one chica who strutted her Korean ass hanging out of her bikini and tattoos on her back. No modest…

Jeju Backyard Minecraft and Yoga

Minecraft Adventures by ChristianPlayz
Minecraft Earth different portals.

Biggy in the Sonic Comic!!!

Move with Mari_in Jeju from Paula Bridget Johnson on Vimeo.


Lame-cation goes south and then... back north :-(

I have things to write... after I get school stuff ready. Enjoy the photos and video.