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Everyone is sleeping!

I love wifi in the hospital. Everyone is still sleeping. It is 5:43am. I am alive and Andrea is here beside me curled up so cute on two benches. She has been my "mom-friend" and my ears throughout this whole ordeal. As she said, the waves were not good anyways. Ya right! Dewa was out for five hours yesterday. Thanks again Andrea.

Ok! So wanna hear the coolest news of all??? Beside my new bionic ankle and using an Indo bedpan? Sam is coming to help me here and take me home!!!! I'm so excited. It is so weird. The night I found out about the break I had a dream and sam was in it. He was laughing a me, eating all the ice cream, drinking tequila, and eating magic mushrooms. I woke up and he had texted that he is coming. And then mom texted that it was true!! I cant wait for him to meet my friends. Yay! I'm sorry his pool shed won't be getting built but maybe I can help when I get back?

After I read all that stuff about sprained ankles Andrea got my ass to the hospital. They x-rayed and then told me it was broken. I totally no waged the dr. Victor just like I no wayed he ear doctor when he told me I had extreme hearing loss. What I have learned is doctors don't joke during diagnosis just I do.

They called in the orthopedic surgeon. Andrea and I waited for two hours. Half outside with the security guard cause we were freezing from the ac. Oh!! Did I mention I got a new helmet? Powder blue with Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls on it! It is a blue tinted visor too! I'm going to leave it here and Andrea's new house. I can use it next year too. I get to come back- don't I?

Anywho- dr. Brawmanti said there were two options: cast for 6 weeks but would probably not gain all mobility back or screw- I would have to vet it out after a year but he said I would be able to dance again!

Now the problem is- do I stay here or get my ass home. This was the patent project. The hospital emailed mom my x-rays and reports and they took them to dr. Allen in Canada. Jessie to get it done as soon as I could and here I am done!! I'm not allowed to put weight for two days. I guess I will know more when everyone wakes up and I see the doctor today.

That's he scoop!! Sam and I are going to stay at Uns down the road from me- pool- big bed for sam and normal toilet etc. More western. Heck- it's where Kelly skater stays- Maybe I will get a visit and then.... K nevermind! Hehehe!

So- The not surf adventure continues!!!

Thanks for all of your love and support! Swimming at same when I get home- whenever that is!! (maybe ten days and one day in japan to deflate swelling and fly again)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! I hope you re okay!! I'm glad to see that you are in good spirit :) Let me know when you get back home, so we can come visit you. Love you!!!



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