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Seattle Love Sea Feasts: October 14-16, 2011

After forgetting to pack our passports, picking up Jonny at the SkyTrain and then driving back home we made it to Seattle a lot later than desired. We were pooped and disgruntled because the Taco Bell at Sunset Drive in Bad Town is gone! We had some greasey Jack in the Box instead and became a little happier just because we weren't hungry anymore. Food, beer, or sleep ... easy mood changers :-) So, instead of getting our Crab Pot on Friday we stayed in Sea Tac and had some drinks at a cool little Karaoke bar. Well, it wasn't cool- but it was funny. We tend to make friends wherever we go. We hung out with Tymey, Bella Bottom, and a cowboy! Jonny is pointing at you! This thing kept hitting me in the head all night. Why didn't I move? I don't know. I guess I liked the Halloween reminder. That is me! I am P!! And.. I like hammers.
Jonny is sporting Chi's new hat. It is a purple pig. We hope he likes it!
Jonny wishing he had an ass to show off and he also doing a good jo…

Day Trip to Murrin Provinicial Park - WHAT... NO TACO BELL?

Jonny and I decided we needed to get out of the city for the day. We headed up the Sea to Sky to Murrin Provincial Park where there are lots of picnic tables, rock climbing, swimming, but not a lot of trails. 
Oh.. and you can fish here if you have an angling license.  Taco Bell and KFC ... used to be right up the road in Squamish but it is GONE!! We were disheartened and confused as to what to picnic with. We went a little farther and got some Chubby Chicken and it was not too bad.  A picture of Jonny's finger and the lake! hehehe!  Creepy, smiley me!  fish box? Bed Rock?  Artisitic shot.  We found this bench after we ate.. would have been a far superior spot to sit and picnic.  Nice shot without the highway.  That is the end!!! Short day trip!! CHECK!

Bali and Taipei: July 19 - August 21, 2011

This was Jonny's first time to Bali and our first time to Taipei. We walked, we surfed, I yoged (Bikram Yoga Bali), we scooted, we went to Andrea's wedding, and we had a lot of time to hang out together. And we still like each other a lot.. maybe even more... hahaha...  This is the day before we flew. We were drinking beers and eating chicken wings on Robson street. The sky was stormy and it rained shortly after. I remember getting an e-mail from my mom about them having really bad storms in Langley. It had been a really crappy two weeks that didn't feel or look anything like July. It was time to go!  These are the shirts we made to bring our friends in Bali.  These are the first two beers that we had on the flight. Our plane left at the 2am and we figured we could get some beer in the airport before we left but there was nothing open. These were good beers. Soon after, I fell asleep and Jonny was able to procure 5 more.  We made it to Taipei Airport. Tired. We had about five …