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California Toddler Tripping: Venice Beach: Week One Done!

The first two days in Venice Beach we were unsure if we would get any sleep again. We had to put the crib in the room and we wanted to sleep on the bed in the room. Last year we moved the pack n' play into the living room at night. There is no moving a crib! So, we did the wait until he falls asleep, and then sneak in and go to sleep ourselves.
One other problem with the bedroom is the ceiling fan. It is hot and you need the fan and it is awesome - but it gets cold in the night or too windy or something. There should be a remote that adjusts the fan but it is no where to be found. It is stuck on super windy. SO, we start with the fan on and then sometime in the night when the boy whines - because we think he might be cold because he won't use his blanket - Jonny turns that fan off - and we kick our blankets off and sweat a bit - and then the boy will whine again and Jonny will turn the fan back on… and on and on. 
the first two nights (and then every couple of nights) the boy…

California Toddler Tripping: Venice Beach - Getting there and Figuring out the new Routine

Limekiln state park pee and squirm stop. 

Our new address for 2.5 weeks: 355.5 Rose  Jonny's new mission
Sourdough bite mouthful.  Checking out the new place
Backyardigans Our first real family dinner- great cooking Jonny! 

Another new toy!