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Vegas Anni-Birth-Versery - 40th Edition

Day 1 - Wednesday
Vancouver - Seattle - Las Vegas - and surprise! Mom and Pops are in town for the 40th celebration!! Thank-you! First beer at the Canuck Restaurant at YVR. 

This toy area looked boring but was very entertaining and you could stroller up to it - hours of entertainment for a kid. 
On flight one from Vancouver to Seattle - up and down. 
Seattle on the train to N gate. 
Final distraction is the iPad. His little fingers kept sliding the game over or messing it up someway. There must me something in the settings to prevent this from happening. 

 First thing you do - is check out the spot. See boy - this is where we will be tomorrow.   And hydrate - drink lots of water! 
 Don't go to the Irish pub and get Irish nachos = suck! Kettle chips with sauce. They got paid for and not eaten. Nasty!  Do - go to Ross - Don't - always expect Ross to have all the clothes you will need for the trip.
Day 2 - Las Vegas - Skate - Swim - PARTY! Asleep by 9:30!! haha