Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bye Bye Bali!

Just chilling at the BIMC. 

Iluh, Me, and Tia chilling at the Istana Rama pool. 
Andrea and Iluh

Sam IN the pool. 

Paula and Agus - Peace! 

Andrea at the pool - this shot was taken by Agus. 

Chilling on a komodo dragon.

Sam's new helmet. 
Sam's mini ice-cream cone... Laya size!

My mini ice-cream cone! And it is gone! 
Sam at the bar and Dewa chilling on the side of the pool. 
Andrea waving at you! 

Sam with a towel on his head...
We finished our last breakfast at Istana Rama.. time to go home! 
Sam in the first class lounge at Bali International. SWEET!

My stitches are out but I am still broken. I don't really want to talk about it now. I am getting better everyday and soon I will be able to dance and run and surf... (maybe by Christmas???) Anywho.. not thinking about that.. just going to concentrate on getting home .. or to Sam's home and getting in his new pool and swimming!! YAY! ALSO.. I wanna get an old people scooter!! hahahaha!!! Emma wants to rent one too.. we can have a crew! Watch out Yaletown J Fresh is coming home!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ankle Day 13

It costs 30 000Rp for half an hour to use the computer at this hotel! I pay like 2 000 back by my old place. It bugs me that it is so expensive... but I guess I am paying for convenience. I am stuck. I can't run away and I can't do what I want when I want. I am dependent on other people and it is great that I have those people.. but I am so independent.. that it is ... sucking in my brain. Ya know? I AM the kid who will run home and go to bed when she is done. I can't do that now. I have to wait or ruin people's fun. WHA! hahaha.. I am fine. Everyday is getting better and today is off to the doctor. It will be Sam's first time meeting Dr. Brown! Today at 12 is also the last day of my antibiotics! Sam is making me ask the doctor if I can have beer... there will always be that double standard! He is taking care of his sister.. but come on.. I had a screw put in my ankle I deserve a beer!! They shoulda had a cold Bintang besar waiting for me as they woke me up from my anastethic slumber! (That would be awesome eh? It was an Aussie hospital!)

Yesterday I got a pedicure right by the pool. Sam could watch me from the swim up bar. Kinda creepy but nice! I then went for my first swim. I did two laps with just arms. I am not allowed to kick. It was awesome. That was the fastest and most comfortable moving I have done in 12 days!

Today is day 13 of ankle madness. I had 7days with it broken and now 6 days screwed.

Quotation from last night's conversation: I got screwed in Bali but I didn't come home with herpes.

It was funnier last night and I was sober. Hmm.. I must be going crazy!

Here are some pics!! Sorry some are sideways.. but 30 000Rp for a half hour?? COME ON!! 

This is me in my room before I went to the hospital. 

This is me sideways on my crutches!

This is me in the hospital pointing at my IV that they had to stab me twice to get in.
This is Tia painting my toes with Shrek nail polish the day after I got home. (They had to take off my blue nail polish before the operation and they used pure acetone and took off some of the tan on my toes too.. my toes looked white and blue and dead!)
Getting my bandage off on Sunday. First look at stitches. Look he cut between her feet and missed the tattoo!!
Sam eating a cheese burger in bed in his underwear and hat! He is happy! Sam likes it here and wishes he had his 50.

Me playing with the panorama option on my camera. This is the pool that we chill at. Ghetto to goddess!
Sam feeding the iguana some long island iced tea. He is going to try and make his own iguana at home.. or something.. around his pool.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Everyone's on scooters- full families on scooters!"

Sam is here! He can't get over how many scooters there are here and how many people can ride on one scooter. It is s great to have Sam here. Right now we are sitting at the Italian place. Sam, Dewa, and Ross are playing pool. I think sam likes it here! Yay!

Ankle update: today is the first day that it doesn't hurt and kill ane feel like someone screwed a screw through my bone. Yay! Andrea got a good picture on Sunday when they took off he bandages. I get it checked again on Wednesday and sticks out Friday.

Sam has been very good at keeping me still and making me keep my leg up. We have a nice pool to sit at. Everything is going according to the new plan. Wha is the new plan? Plan fix my ankle and get home safe and sound. I can't bear weight for a month. Anyone know a good physio back in van??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everyone is sleeping!

I love wifi in the hospital. Everyone is still sleeping. It is 5:43am. I am alive and Andrea is here beside me curled up so cute on two benches. She has been my "mom-friend" and my ears throughout this whole ordeal. As she said, the waves were not good anyways. Ya right! Dewa was out for five hours yesterday. Thanks again Andrea.

Ok! So wanna hear the coolest news of all??? Beside my new bionic ankle and using an Indo bedpan? Sam is coming to help me here and take me home!!!! I'm so excited. It is so weird. The night I found out about the break I had a dream and sam was in it. He was laughing a me, eating all the ice cream, drinking tequila, and eating magic mushrooms. I woke up and he had texted that he is coming. And then mom texted that it was true!! I cant wait for him to meet my friends. Yay! I'm sorry his pool shed won't be getting built but maybe I can help when I get back?

After I read all that stuff about sprained ankles Andrea got my ass to the hospital. They x-rayed and then told me it was broken. I totally no waged the dr. Victor just like I no wayed he ear doctor when he told me I had extreme hearing loss. What I have learned is doctors don't joke during diagnosis just I do.

They called in the orthopedic surgeon. Andrea and I waited for two hours. Half outside with the security guard cause we were freezing from the ac. Oh!! Did I mention I got a new helmet? Powder blue with Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls on it! It is a blue tinted visor too! I'm going to leave it here and Andrea's new house. I can use it next year too. I get to come back- don't I?

Anywho- dr. Brawmanti said there were two options: cast for 6 weeks but would probably not gain all mobility back or screw- I would have to vet it out after a year but he said I would be able to dance again!

Now the problem is- do I stay here or get my ass home. This was the patent project. The hospital emailed mom my x-rays and reports and they took them to dr. Allen in Canada. Jessie to get it done as soon as I could and here I am done!! I'm not allowed to put weight for two days. I guess I will know more when everyone wakes up and I see the doctor today.

That's he scoop!! Sam and I are going to stay at Uns down the road from me- pool- big bed for sam and normal toilet etc. More western. Heck- it's where Kelly skater stays- Maybe I will get a visit and then.... K nevermind! Hehehe!

So- The not surf adventure continues!!!

Thanks for all of your love and support! Swimming at same when I get home- whenever that is!! (maybe ten days and one day in japan to deflate swelling and fly again)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's broke :-(

I need a screw.

Here or home? Will keep ya posted. Great adventure so far eh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Friend Andrea

Hey All! 

I am sitting in "The Italian Place" Roma with Andrea's Mac. I am drinking a Bintang Besar and I am people watching. This was all Andrea's idea. She is a very dedicated teacher and right now she is dealing with a serious Project: Project Paula. I know exactly what I would be doing without her. I would be lying in my room reading and worrying about my ankle. 

The picture above was from last year when Andrea and I went to the Tiger Temple in Thailand. I will never forget how grumpy I was that day. OMG. I wouldn't have wanted to be hanging out with me. But Andrea is still my friend to this day. Thanks! 

This morning she gave me Ibuprofen and red tiger balm. (This is the second jar that she has given in my life. The first was two years ago at the end of my trip when I was suffering from small tears in my intercostals. No problem.. I only had two days left.) I was thinking about all this and I am pretty lucky. This is my seventh year here and this is the only time I have been really injured in all that time. AND, being injured now as opposed to one of the first years here is way better because I have had so much support from friends and family. EVERYONE has a way to heal me. What was the one today? Oh.. Ellie from the beach told Andrea to tell me to take some.. leaf.. and smush up some red onion and put it all on my ankle like a compress. Hey... I might do it! I will do anything! (almost!) 

Yesterday was my first day walking. Well, pirate walking. Slow, pirate walking. I walked to the restaurant for breakfast and then to the internet and home. (This is all very close) I rested. Then, Andrea was going surfing so I practiced walking slowly to the beach and then I sat there for an hour and then I walked back. I had lots of time to chat while walking. Everyone wanted to know what happened. I say, "Lari," then make a cracking motion with my wrist. People offered to help me but I told them I was practising walking. They would say.. slowly! (I lost my key while on the beach and Andrea walked back and one of the coke ladies from my tree had it! WOW! THANKS!! And.. how can you lose a key walking so slow?) 

Last night was rough. I was sore from all of my practice. I didn't have any more medicine. I was dreaming of Advil. Throbbing for Advil. Andrea brought some to breakfast! yay!! I am going to have to do that though.. keep practicing and hurting and healing.. otherwise I will be stuck one foot not being able to bend. I should look up on the computer some exercises to do. I will do that after this. What an exciting day eh? 

It isn't all bad though. Yesterday Andrea and I went for a body scrub and massage. I am so smooth and massaged. That cost 100 000Rp and I tipped the guy.. Cinta - our friend from last year - 50 000Rp. (Total $15 for about one hour and a half) (He is a benchung - gay guy...) We go to this same salon all the time, Lilis, and if you treat them well.. they are always good to you. You don't have to tip here - but they make so little money.. why not? If they do a good job I don't see why not. It makes everyone happy. 

I heard that Patrick went home sick. I feel bad about that but what can I do? I was stuck in my room. I didn't know he was sick and he didn't know I was broken. I don't think he will ever come back to Bali again. I hope his negative Bali mood doesn't infect his sister who is coming in August. (When I will be running and surfing again. This is my goal for real. I want to be back in action by August. I think that is reasonable. Today is day 6... and it is the 14th? Three weeks. Two more weeks of ... ankle sucks and then a month of surf and running!) 

OK. I am going to look up what exercises I can do to improve my ankle. If you are reading this and you can walk.. please go do some exercise for me! Go run, go dance... go move and be happy and send me some of that energy love!! 

Whoa.. I didn't like reading this:
OH no... chronic pain if not healed right? I think mine is severe.. DAMN.. OK.. now I am worrying!! Andrea... come back to the Restaurant and save me again! Breathe.. why why why.. oh wow.. and you all thought I was calm and strong... Why did I read that? Sweet ignorance where are you??? 

Now this:
I gots to chill. I am strong and I will heal quick because I am a good strong person.. right? This sucks! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ankle Update

Hey ALL!

How is my ankle? Well, I think my Bali medicine man pulled through. There is still some swelling but it more even and less bulbous. (Is that a word?) I have a fat leg but I am getting more movement and I took three baby steps today. YAY!

The kids follow me around hopping behind me as I go to the restaurant or Internet.. which is all in my little hut village.

There was a huge thunderstorm last night. It was so loud and so much rain. It was cool. Today it is nice and sunny.

Yesterday my friend Andrea came back and she took me to the beach on her motorbike and to the Italian restaurant. It was so nice to get out of my room and to talk with someone.. older than 10! It was great to see my friend again. She brought me some traditional Bali oil for my ankle.. whoa.. I almost wrote cankle... which it isn't.. I see an ankle in the fatness.. no worries.

Friday, July 9, 2010

This is Killing ME! Are you KIDDING me???

Friday morning I woke up feeling well rested and healthy. I sat on my step in the early morning dark putting on my socks and shoes. I watched an airplane through the trees and looked over to where Grandpa was sitting on the kitchen stoop. I love this family. I grab my runpod and walk past grandpa saying, "Pagi." He responds with a smile and the same.

I walked to the beach setting my runpod for 4km. This is Saturday's run. I know that I am going out tonight with the girls and won't feel this good Saturday so I might as well get it done.

The tide is high and coming in more till 9pm so I decided to take the paved beach path. My runpod says halfway but I don't feel like turning around. This is easy and feels good. I run to the end of the path then I turn around. I my runpod tells me I'm done but I want to keep running. (Why am I so stubborn?) I get to my road, jalan Benesari, and I decide to keep running to the other end of the beach. This can be Sunday's 9km long run. Then it is done and if I party too much with Sabine and then with Andrea when she comes Saturday - I won't care if I miss a measly 4km or I can add that onto another run. (I'm so smart and look how I can organize stuff in my head while running!)

The second half of the beach is a lot fancier and I smile and say good morning to the older Japanese couples. (How to you say good morning in Japanese?) I'm smiling and giving peace fingers to other runners - Isn't this fun? Don't you just love running too? What a great morning!

I was about 1/2 km away from my room. A couple walked past me with gatorade like water bottles that reminded me of my thirst. Next time I run a long one I'm bringin water! (or at least money to buy a water.) I'm looking out at the ocean anticipating my long surf session. I just have to runse off, change, drink some water, shove some fake Ritz crackers down my throat, grab my board and run back to the beach. I can't wait. Today is the surf session I have been waiting for since I got here five days ago. The moon has made the waves so small it has been almost pointless but today it looks awesome for me!

Tamara and Sybil are already out there. I saw them as I decided to run the other half. I don't think Sybil likes me, so I was in no hurry to join her. (Tamara is awesome!)

So, obviously I'm building up to something here right? I still can't believe it wve though everytime I close my eyese all I see is this moment. As I was looking out at the beach I rolled my left ankle. (Sam's tattoo ankle) I stopped. I hobbled. I cried. (Notice it wasn't the first thing I did!!!) I crouched. I yelled, "No WAY!" I touched the already swollen booty of the surfergirl. I cried. Little Indomen workedrs stared. One laughed and I yelled, "Engaak lucu! Sakit!! Aduh!!" And I cried some more. (Notice is the thing I do the most though, unfortunately!) I hobbled. People came to help me but I stubbornly kept wobbling. Then I gave in. There was no way I could have made it back. Two boys sat me down and a man went to get his truck. A white girl ran out of a restaurants to see if she could help. Oh God, why am I such a whining baby? Control yourself... you are in PUBLIC! I'm sorry for crying. I'm sorry for getting your truck all sweaty. (I was drenched after 8km)

I thanked the man who dropped me at my hotel reception. I sat on the cool tile and put my foot on a chair and they brought me ice and I tried not to cry. I calmed myself as much as I could. Swelling had reached up my leg past the surfer girl's head.

I iced. I dripped sweat and tears. I sat there for about ten munutes. I decided it was time to get back to my room to shower and get dry clothes on and lay down with my foot up and more ice. I made it to my part of the hut village and Nyoman, (Wayan's wife - Tia and Agus's mom - my friend) and grandma - saw me and I started crying again! They helped me and looked at my swollen ankle and leg.

I managed a quick one footed shower. I threw on some clothes. I put a pillow under my foot and I put a sarong and ice around my ankle and layed down trying to stay positive in my mind.

Tia and Nyoman came to check on me. Agus came and was sent to get more ice. Tia was given instructions to get me breakfast when I was ready.

I haven't mentioned this yet but I'm sure you've all done something like this before. The pain was awful. Jiggley, swelling, pulsing, blob ankle. I couldn't relax my foot. It was like I had to hold it to prevent more pain. My two little toes looked tweaked and tense from all of this work.

Tia and Agus stayed and played with me till I had breakfast. Then I was able to work the foot and pillow so I could lay on my side. Tia closed my door and I napped.

If kid power could heal I'd be walking now! (I am feeling a lot better than yesterday.) Tia, Agus, Nadika, and Iluh all hung aound me. (Sometimes knocking my foot!!) They wrote English in my notebook, played games on my Nokia, played with the origami box - it's magic you know- making my coins disapper and reappear. They brought me more ice and laughed when it turned to water and it looked like the bag was peeing. They went outside and took pictures and came back laughing and showing me. They love to take pictures of dirty dog parts.

It was quiet time for me again. Tia cloesed my door and I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I was sweaty and throbbing. I read more of Eat, Pray, Love and I wished I had a Balinese medicine man. I wished Patrick and I were still talking and I had his number so he could come and save me - take me to the doctors. I text the one number I have here, Sabine but she must be at the beach.

It's around 3:30. I'm still in mega pain (why didn't I pack ADVIL?) I need to go the the doctor. I hope out of bed and crawl onto my porch. Grandma comes to see me. She says I need Balinese massage not doctor. Tia has been telling this all morning. At this point I don't care where I go - just somebody please fix me and stop this pain!

Just the day before Wayan was telling me about his hamstring injury and I was telling him about the amazing magic of ice. Little did I know I would be heading my own advice hours later.

Nyoman brought the motorbike to my stair and I "hopped" on. Every bump jiggled my swelling. I know she was driving careful but Bali roads have never been known for their smoothness.

I hop off and meet.. her dad? He is a Balinese massage (medicine man?) He puts oil on his fingers and I try to relax as he rubs and pushes into my swollen surfergirl. I'm sometimes yelping. He looks at me like - I'm a wimp - or something.. and I am! Nyoman tells me to lie on my stomach like I'm sleeping. I can't see what he's doing now. He gives my cankle a good snapping yank and I yelp out and start... laughing because I don't want to cry. I turn around and they are all laughing at me. (Even the sellers on the street point and laugh as we emerege later on the motorbike.) He then takes a bottle full of some clear liquid (arak - rice wine) sand, shells and other gunk and rubs it over my leg. I make an offering (100 000Rp - $10) and thank him (Terima Kasih) Nyoman stops at the Apotik and gets me medicine. I also ask for Caillou (crutches in Indo) or Tungked (Balinese) but she laughs - not here!

She got me medicine: Methylprednisolone and Sodium Diclofenac. Which I take one of each three times a day. I don't know what it is and I don't care as long as it helps. I decide in my mind that I don't really have an allergy to penicillin just in case it's in there. (So far I am still alive!!)

She drops me at our restaurant and I eat and take medicine. Grandma is happy I have seen the Balinese massage. Tia comes and sits with me. Nyoman snacks at the cashier chill spot by the T.V. Tia gets some Smarties from her mom. (I gave mom all the chocolates so she could hand them out when they were allowed to have them and so she could keep them in the fridge so they wouldn't melt.)

Nyoman gets one of the kitchen boys to take me back to the my room on motorbike.

This whole time I'm determined to stay positivie and strong. I think of things like:
- Everything happens for a reason
- Maybe I would have gotten more hurt surfing or done something stupid partying with Sabine.
- Maybe I was supposed to mee Nyoman's dad?
-Maybe I was doing too much and my body wanted to not walk for a bit?
-Maybe I might learn something sitting still?
-Maybe I'll end up helping grandma fold grass?
-Maybe I shouldn't have said before I left - I wish I had more time to read Surfing the Manual before I started surfing.
-Will I be able to go to Sumbawa (8days) with Andrea and Dewa still?
-Why now when I have a broken heart and the only way I know how to fix those damn things is by running. dancing, surfing...moving???
-Maybe I will be out of commission for three weeks - max - I will still have one month of August to surf.
-At least I don't have to teach dance and it will be better by September.
-At least the marathon is still 3.5 months away.

There is one thing that I left out that you can use your imagine... if you want... SQUAT TOILET one step up from ground level. HMMMM..

To be continued...
You can't bring me down!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is that a leaf blower?

I was walking back from the beach and there was a man in the parking lot fiddling around with what looked like a hand made leaf blower. I was staring at it and then looking around for leaves but I couldn’t see any. Hmmm..

I went to my room and was reading my book and I heard this loud noise. This must be the weed wacker.. what.. you know what I mean! THEN, the smell and fog hit me. I am outta here. I know what this is. This for the nyamuks! (mosquitos!) I went away and ran some errands and came back to a dengue/malaria free zone. I guess this is a good thing… but now that I see, hear, and smell how it is done I also question how safe was that fog that I breathed in?

Wave report: The waves are still small! I don’t mind too much. I know that it will be huge on Sunday and then they will be too big!

Run report: I went for a quick 3km tempo this morning. I was listening to the Roots – How I Got Over – the whole time. That is all I have been listening too since it came out and it is helping me get over. Here I will sing some for you…. Wait.. no.. I will put in a YouTube here:
I ran at 9am this morning and it was HOT! I slept in cause I was out with Sabine last night.. so that is all good! YAY new Swiss teacher friend!

Scooter report: I don’t have one yet! I will get one when Andrea gets here on Saturday!!

Weather report: Sunny!! AND HOT! AND I LOVE IT!! I don’t actually ever remember sweating this much though. Is it possible that I have become a sweatier person or is it just hotter?

Kid Report: I played piggy in the middle with Tia and Agus will we were all sweating and sticking our head under the tap. Of course I have an unfair height advantage in this game and when I was the pig was there for one throw – but I made pig noises the whole time! Hahaha!

Tia and I also had some time together yesterday and she did some writing in my notebook and gave me some stickers! I wish I had stickers with me this year. Next year!

Tia and I also wished on a star. It took me a long time to think of a wish because my old one is obviously not coming true! Hahaha! I did it though. I should be a pro surfer any day… oops! Just kidding.. that wasn’t my wish!! Haha!!

Rumor report: hahaha.. not going there! I am not playing into the drama that is going on!

OK.. so I am uploading pics and it is taking a long ass time. I will start to describe them for you. Well, the first three are from Canada Day… so they shouldn’t even be here. But hey, I uploaded them and they are going in! This was Tasha’s party at Strathcona Park with Emma and Mikey.

These are pictures of the beach. This is Tamara and Sabine doing the slack line which is apparently super popular in Switzerland. The climbers started practicing this way in the parks and now people can flip from one to another and do crazy yoga moves on it. I couldn’t even take a step without Sabine’s hand. I will have to try again! She has gotten very good because she has been practicing a lot and came walk to the tree and then backwards!

This is the origami box from the Japanese woman on the plane. I am using it to keep my change in. It is actually quite amazing. I had it in my backpack which I used for a pillow and that box is indestructible.. Although.. I am sure it would burn quick – it being made out of intricately folder paper.

The next two are of Tia and Agus. I have a couple more but I can’t sit still any longer. I have been in here for over an hour as is.

When I do pics again I will just pic a couple of important ones not everything from my camera so far! (I wrote fart by accident.. hahaha! What? Am I 12?)

What else can I tell you while I am waiting for these last two pics? Hmmmm… A man with food on a bike just rode by. I don’t know what kind of food it was but now I am hungry. What should I have for dinner? I had nasi goring for breakfast and nasi padang for lunch… I woke up dreaming of cheese pizza because I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and in the first part of her book about Italy she talks about this really delicious cheese pizza. MMMM! I think I will just go to the restaurant here – Wayan’s restaurant and maybe have some nasi campur? Nasi means rice by the way… maybe I have had too much rice today… hmmm.. I really don’t know what I want. I wish that guy on the bike would come back. I will take that!

One more picture!!!!! What else can I tell you… hmmm.. magic mushrooms are legal here and you can buy them in milkshakes on pizza or in an omlette. You could always get them here but I have never seen them advertised in signs as much as this year. Not that I am going to eat those slimy, creepy things. I am wasting time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Heartbreak Hotel

OK! Well, that was the worst end to the worst second day EVER! hahaa! don't worry I will live. I am getting good at this heartbreak. Who needs Swiss boys anyways.. no fun! I must say though, that was record time for me!

What is going on? I guess I can let you in now... NOTHING! I came over here and I wasn't me. Well, I was me.. but I was trying to like and love and it is so not me! I need my own room and my own space and to do what I want when I want. Thanks to those who I texted in the middle of the night. I have no more texts on my iphone till August now. HAHA.. no more WIFI.. I think that is what I will miss the most but probably better for me to get off Facebook for a ... while.. i was getting a little addicted to checking that thing. I need a break from that. I will get my sim card for my bali phone today and let you know what that is.. and you can try to dial in all those numbers and text me.. and I will do the same.

So, that is all I feel like writing about that. I am looking forward to Andrea getting here on the 10th and going to Sumbawa on the 17th... I think. We will sort that out when she gets here. Today, i am going to go and get a pedicure, get this pink shit off my my fingers, go to Surfer Girl and get new bikinis and go to Star Surf and get new flip flops! What a great no wave day.. and.. I am going to do it ALL ALONE! I don't need his lazy.. complaining, pessimistic.. booo hoo I am in Bali and I hate rice ... cause I am Swiss and I recycle my batteries face hanging around with me!

HAHAHA.. that was awesome.. sorry.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 2!

I'm writing this entry from my phone on my balcony overlooking palm trees and sitting beside my surf board. Not how I usually like to be with my board but still feels awesome and my smile is genuine.

Today is day 2. The first thing I would like to say is goodbye to auntie Ad. She had a long life and always had a funny thing to say. Even though I didn't see you that much anymore, I will still miss you.

Yesterday was an awesome first day. I got to surf and I met three more surfer chicks! They are all Swiss and teachers! We did a 6:30am run this morning too. It was super nice to get up and go for a run. It started pouring on our run back and it felt nice but I was worried about my runpod. That was the first time I ran in the rain with it. I was glad I made the arm band out of waterproof material- damn I'm smart!!

Today the waves are small and the first high tide was at 5am. The second one which is still low is at 4pm. I will check the waves soon and if they were like yesterday I will go. The boys say there will be nothing and I hate to say it looked pretty nothing this morning. It will probably be like this till the new moon which isn't too far.

It is weird for me not to be staying in my little room. I have reserved it for when Patrick leaves. I saw Tia and ague yesterday and they were so happy to see me. I can't wait till I am back at komila so I can hang out with them. It is nice to have a nice hotel with wifi though! I'm ballin'. I also have a pool and free breakfast. It's very nice :-)

K- I'm going to eat some lunch. I think we will probably have nasi Padang. This will be my first time this year- yum!!

Later!!! Happy day 2!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am here!!

I am here! I had an hour plus delay in Osaka but when I finally got to Denpesar my ride was still waiting! YES! I cruised out dropped the suitcase off at the hotel. We got Bintang and I got peanuts and walked down to the beach. I put my feet in the water but I didn't jump in. We sat and looked at the stars and reminisced. This is going to be the best summer ever!

This morning I had my first fried rice and sambal.. some watermelon and some orange juice. YAY! It is not a very nice day though. It was pouring this morning and still now it is cloudy.

I have said hi to some of the people here already... but there are more still. I haven't been down to the beach yet this morning. Ok.. enough typing.. let's get on with the rest of the day. I just wanted to let you know I am here safe!