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Seaside Annibirthversary: The Broken Swing

Friday:  We were in the car at 7:50 and on our way. We took the normal border and there was about a ten minute wait. It wasn't bad at all. We stopped at Tyulalip. Jonny got a hat, I got two pairs of Volcom shorts, and the boy got a car and a Star Wars game. The boy played on the cars - but none of them were working - not even with my keys. They are broken. (Can you hear his little voice?) 

Our next stop was our anniversary lunch: The Crab Pot. The boy did some colouring and played with Boo. He didn't eat any of the foods we thought he would like: corn on the cob, potatoes, or little sausages, so we ordered him some french fries. He did pretty good - the whole trip.

I sustained two injuries from eating crab. I was cracking one open just as I was thinking, I am not going to make it out of this unscathed. At that instant a crab shell cut both thumbs. I ate a potato with my knife and fork and scraped away a prawn shell and ate that - but there was still so much crab left. There…