Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Summer Sweat: Issaquah, Umatilla, Twin Falls

First stop: Issaquah, Washington - Motel 6 just east of Seattle on the I-90

Review: Expensive for a Motel 6 ($107 US)
Good pool - warm
renovated rooms
Close by: Arco gas station / IHop
- We probably wouldn't stay here again - we can get farther than this if we leave right away and there is no fear of long weekend. 

Second stop: Umatilla, Oregon - Tillcum Inn on the I-82

Review: Well.... nice people and good little pool. BUT, really cold and windy air con or really hot without it - no sleep and a super strong, attacking shower. Great water pressure - but ow! Loud and heavy up all night people above us.
Close by: "Sports Bar" (strip club)
- We will definitely not stay here again. There were a couple of spots just ahead on our drive that would have made better stops. Or even Kennewick right behind us would have been good. We stayed there in the spring.

Third stop:  Twin Falls, Idaho - Motel 6 - nope - pool closed / Shilo Inn

Review: Expensive but we like ($164 Can.)
Indoor pool
Sofa bed and two TV's with kitchenette
Free breakfast
Close by: EVERYTHING: Ross, Sharis, KFC, Target... everything. 
We will probably stop here every time. It seems to work for us.

Memories so far: 

  • Puff but - jumping into the swimming pool and Big Boy's shorts getting a big air pocket and squishing out the bubbles. 
  • Driving and finding pictures in clouds. 
  •  McDonald's without Play Grounds - BOOOO!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

C-SIDE aka CarrieSIDE

We watched the weather forecast closely to make sure we would have some nice days in Seaside. We had until Friday to cancel. The weather looked good until the day we left so we went for it. The morning we woke up to leave (Tuesday), the weather app changed and gave us two bad days. Too late now! Off we went to Seaside. Carrie was already on her way but we did get an earlier start that I thought we would. We left at 7am. Here is the boy before we left - sad faced and with Bear. 

The City Center Motel. We were in unit 1 beside the pool. This was a great unit for us. Number 6 on the other side of the pool looks nice too. I thought we were going to miss having the little cottage one - but this was much nicer because the boy could have his bath.
Tuesday, we arrived and headed straight to the beach to play. We did wave jumping, beach bowling, and we made some roads and tunnels. Christian found a buddy his age and they had a great time chasing each other and playing.

Carrie found us! She does a happy dance. (At least I think that is what is going on.)
Carrie brings dinner!! YAY!

Patio chilling and hat swapping.

Wednesday morning, Carrie and I were up early and off to Indian Beach. Carrie got a new 9ft surfboard. It is a beaute and it fits in her car!!! This was the best morning of the trip. The waves were small and the tide was out but the sun was shining and we were in the water. However, as the tide went further out - the waves fizzled all together leaving us floating with nothing to ride.
Here is Carrie's new board:

Wednesday we walked to the outlets where Jonny and Carrie got new shoes. Bear came with us.
The boy rode some rides.

Then we stopped and played some games on the sunny patio. The boy got new tracks and a new train.
Chilling with Bear on the patio in his awesome travel chair :-)

Wednesday we spent the rest of the day at the beach. I got him in his wet suit to make it a more normal thing to wear - get him used to it. He played in the water forever. He wasn't cold and definitely wasn't getting any sun. I got some sun though :-)

Carrie covered up. hahaha!!

Carrie got new sunglasses :-)

Thursday it rained and it was windy. There was nothing to ride in the ocean. Carrie and I went for a run down to the Cove and back down the path. Then we all went to an early movie. We watched BFG. The boy sat through most of it. He kept tapping me and whispering, "Tell Carrie this is awesome."
Bear got down and DJed for us on the patio just under the eave, out of the rain.

We went and played at Funland and got some nachos and tater tots. I think they gave us a whole bag of tater tots. Here are the left overs after eating as much as we could and bringing them home. It doesn't look like we ate anything! Why do Americans give you so much food?
A long day of fun - Bear and Big Boy are tuckered right out.
Friday morning, it is our last chance to surf. It is raining but we get up and drive over to Indian Beach. We saw two deer. Sadly, we didn't see anything to ride. The tide was not as far out as before but the wind was up and everything was mush. How will I ever get good at this sport if I don't get to surf? I must live somewhere where I can surf. At this rate I will be a beginner until I am retired. I am really going to get good then! (RIGHT?)

Rest stop and Taco del Mar munching. Last America food of the trip. Let's go home and get healthy for a few weeks before we head back down.