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Vegas Birthday Wedding! May 14 - 18, 2011

That is right... the rumours are all true. I got hitched in Vegas on my 37th birthday. So, I guess from now on this Star Adventure Log will be a Jonny and Paula Star Adventure Log! Our Vegas adventure starts with a beer at YVR.  We didn't pack all so awesomely and had to get some supplies when we got to Vegas. Where to stop but the Walgreens where Jonny found Twinkies! He treated the Twinkies really well and even let them snuggle with us in the King bed.  While Jonny was finding Twinkies - I found really large cans of all my favourite beers. One of each please! Our hotel, The Tuscany, is conveniently located around the corner from my favourite store - 711!   Here is Jonny with a pole up his ass!  Here is Jonny chasing me around the pool with the camera... he got me! 

I found the Ninja Turtles at the Outlet Mall. This was the Premium Outlet Mall at the North end of Vegas and it cost about $20 to get there in a cab. I bet the Ninja Turtles woulda taken us for free!! Next time boys!  My ca…