Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bye Bye Bali!

Just chilling at the BIMC. 

Iluh, Me, and Tia chilling at the Istana Rama pool. 
Andrea and Iluh

Sam IN the pool. 

Paula and Agus - Peace! 

Andrea at the pool - this shot was taken by Agus. 

Chilling on a komodo dragon.

Sam's new helmet. 
Sam's mini ice-cream cone... Laya size!

My mini ice-cream cone! And it is gone! 
Sam at the bar and Dewa chilling on the side of the pool. 
Andrea waving at you! 

Sam with a towel on his head...
We finished our last breakfast at Istana Rama.. time to go home! 
Sam in the first class lounge at Bali International. SWEET!

My stitches are out but I am still broken. I don't really want to talk about it now. I am getting better everyday and soon I will be able to dance and run and surf... (maybe by Christmas???) Anywho.. not thinking about that.. just going to concentrate on getting home .. or to Sam's home and getting in his new pool and swimming!! YAY! ALSO.. I wanna get an old people scooter!! hahahaha!!! Emma wants to rent one too.. we can have a crew! Watch out Yaletown J Fresh is coming home!

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