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California Toddler Tripping: Vancouver - Langley - Seattle - Seaside

We knew that road tripping with a toddler wasn't going to be always pleasant - but we also knew that it would be way better than being on a plane - at least with our toddler. Christian is one and a half on this trip and just like last year he went through some new changes just to mess with us. Luckily, we are a powerful team and we were able to overcome these challenges … so far! 

Our journey started in Vancouver. We stopped at the skate park to drop off used shoes and decks. Some kid is going to be happy. (or bum?) 
Next stop: Langley! We had a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. I love this picture :-) 
Christian likes Grandpa's cars - watch out! 

Next stop: Seattle! 
Light rail to the Crab Pot. 

The Crab Pot - we made it and we ATE it! 

Christian is scoring with the toys on this trip. Now I really understand why I got new toys when my parents took us on road trips! 

Sunset Seattle squirm time. 

On the road again - Ride for cancer blocking the traffic over that big bridge to Astoria.
How logs travel
Next stop: Seaside! We found a patio pub with kids toys. Smart! 

Seaside outlets - (My favourite underoos are here) These benches look too good to be true - and right next to Zumiez… not clamped but shiny and ready to go? Backwards! 
This is a shot before it was forever tarnished in my mind. We have always gone here for food and drinks. The view is impeccable. The rooms - were not! The pool - was not! The people - were not! AND.. the boy… 
Well, we had a nice loft room. 
I thought it would be ok to put the boy upstairs in his pack n' play - and right after I put him in he had climbed out and down the stairs all proud of himself. I brought him back up and told him to show me - and he did. He climbed right out of bed. Well, we can't stay here in this loft room! 

24 hour pool?? When do you clean it? My eyes are burning! Drunk people peeing at night and babies peeing all day. What a nice swim! hahaha! 

But here - he can sleep - new room and floor bed. It took forever to get him to stay there and he was up super early - so we were outta Seaside bright and early.. maybe not so bright… more bleary and weary. 

Now what do we do? Do we go home? Can we train him on our trip? Do we get a crib? Will it fit in the truck? Do they have larger travel beds? As we drove further South we devised a plan that saved our trip and brought us to our new favourite town: Santa Cruz!


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