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California Dreaming: Venice Beach with Baniener!

I uploaded a bunch of pictures last night before we went to bed and this happened: 

I love it!! I had a bunch of similar photos and Google animated them for me. It is so cool! Anywho... here are more pics and some highlights from our time with Annina in Venice Beach. 

Venice Beach with Baniener! 

We got to Venice Beach quite early so we decided to go to our parking spot from last year and hang out until it was time to check in. We set up the boy's tent in some grass under a tree. (smelled like pee and poopies... but it was shade) Jonny skated to get ice and supplies and we had a nice afternoon in Venice.

As our time approached to check in we decided to go find the place and then scout out the area. It was easy to find. Then we found some grocery stores and Jonny went into Ralphs and got some food and supplies for us. We went back to our home and used the combination which release the keys to the house. Inside the door was a locked mailbox to put the deposit and cleaning fees. (The manager came by the next day to collect them... not the same guy I e-mail... ) 

Jonny going into Ralphs to get some groceries. This was right before we went to our new place. 
hanging out in the parking lot playing games! 
Casablancas - Pat and Pam's little restaurant. 
The house has everything we need. There is a laundry machine outside. There is a blender to make juice. The pull out couch is not that uncomfortable. (We slept on it while Annina was here.) The Patio has a hot tub and even though it is close to the street it is private feeling. There is a Taco truck that is right out front. There is a Whole Foods and a CVS right up the street and the beach is only three blocks away. It is perfect for us. We have already e-mailed the manager to see if we can stay longer. (I doubt it! But... worth a try!)
The taco truck that sits in front of our house...  but it isn't there everyday... Fri - Tues.  I think! 
Nap time in the Venice home. 
The CVS pharmacy by our house. 
Chilling on the patio in one of Jonny's "safe areas." 
Picking up Annina at the airport. 
Christian is watching TV. 
The next day we went to Ross and to some surf shops. I got a short wet suit. Then, I went to LAX to get Annina. The next day we waited for the rental place to open... they said 8am but we didn't get into the water until 10am. We surfed Venice beach. There weren't many waves and there were a lot of people. It was nice to be in the water with my friend. I realized there was a hole in my wetsuit. So, that evening we took it back and walked to Santa Monica where I got a full suit for the same price. It is way better. It was meant to be. It is a 3/2 O'Neil.
Apres surf hot tub and drinks! 

Oh ya! 
Jonny found these cool teething treats - you fill them with fruit or veggies and freeze them. Must feel nice  on the new top tooth that is poking through. (Google combined these photos too...?) 

watermelon juice cheek

Annina and I are walking
New water bottle nipple. 

Cool living wall in Santa Monica

Gymnastics on the beach

We have a blender to make juice! 

Santa Monica

Abbot Kinney - not that interesting... sushi place was closed. 
We found sushi on Main St. (Not Vancouver prices!)
Venice beach walking
Who is that beside me? 
Annina and Christian... making faces
An empty star.. 
Annina surf star! hahaha! 
In - n- Out Burger shot
Hollywood site seeing

Happy boy! 
The boy is checking out Annina... always has an eye on the ladies! 

Can you see it? 

Too bad we will miss Pepe's show! 
Crab Pot straight ahead! 
I think Jonny just started to run! 
Eating some bread... 

Muscles.. or clams... or something

Taking a break from the crab and looking at the boats. 

lonely potatoes

Helping mama clean
Wednesday we went to Manhattan beach. We tried to visit Pat and Pam but what must have just missed them... or they didn't hear us yelling into there door. There weren't many waves at all but we went in anyways. This is also a nice beach and a quick drive from Venice. I am starting to learn my way around this place better. Way better than last year!
Anybody home?? 

More crab pot shots... sorry.. too many photos.. all mixed up! 

Chinese theatre.. Hollywood. 

This is where Annina rented her board and wetsuit. He gave her a really good deal - $100 for 5 days. 


This place even came with frosted mugs in the deep freeze! 
What is this guy doing? He has been down like that for a while. 

Tramp on the roof? 
Haven't had one this year yet.... 

Muscle beach

Venice canals


Tuesday, after Zuma we went did some touristy stuff. We went to Hollywood and Vine and checked out the stars on the sidewalk. We went up to the Hollywood sign area ... I think everyone was up there... and Annina and Jonny jumped out and got some pictures while I circled the full parking lot with a sleeping boy. Then.. we head to Long Beach and had some CRAB POT! I know.. twice in one vacation.. how lucky are we? It was delicious as always. And.. the boy was pretty good.

Crab pot

Venice skate park

This little guy was awesome.. I will add video later.. 

Our destination for the next day day was Zuma beach. Annina and I walked up to the beach and there were dolphins swimming. We asked the old life guard that looked straight out of Baywatch if this was normal and he said the dolphins are there everyday and they come in closer if the waves are bigger because they like to play in them. 

There was no fighting for waves. We had this little part of the ocean to ourselves and a lifeguard to watch over us... and dolphins! This was our favourite beach of the trip. We went back here the next day too. 

Thursday there weren't enough waves to go surfing so Annina and I took the cruiser bikes and tried to ride them to Manhattan beach... hahaha.. we didn't even come close to making it. We got to the end of the path here and it turned to go around the marina through the city. We turned off the bike path too soon and did our own tour of the canal neighbourhood and when we finally found the bike path again we decided our buts had had enough and we should head back to our own beach... where we got frozen yogurt (where you can put whatever toppings on you want! yum!) and sat on the beach (after walking our bikes across the sand). 

Then... Jonny made us another salad.. we had another hot tub.. and then it was off to LAX. (Where we had to go through a police block and there were cops everywhere.. looking for someone trying to escape! So exciting.. they let us pass.) Good-by Baniener!! You are an awesome friend for coming to surf with me and to hang out with my little family!! 


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