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California Dreaming: LA to Williams Ca./ Williams to Eugene Or. / Eugene to HOME!

Friday morning we were awake nice and early. (Thanks boy!) I did a load of laundry, we packed up, and hit the road. The first night we made it to Williams, California. We stayed in a Quality Inn. There wasn't much in this little town except for maybe some mosquitos. The boy and I went for a swim, we had some Chinese food and we hit the sack. The internet at this hotel was one device at a time. So annoying! 

Walmart parking lot chill - Yreka... dad left a car here once? 

low riding pants. 
Swim time! 

Noodle face.
The next day we were up even earlier and we made it to Eugene, Oregon. We stayed in a Super 8 and Jonny got us a pizza.

Hot air balloons all over the place - taking off from every field. 
And our last day driving we made it home. We stopped at Walmart and got a high chair for the boy. The outlets were so crazy you couldn't even park - so Jonny just ran in to get a hat - and I double parked. It was horrid. I hated every minute of that place and I was only in the parking lot. It just looked like hell. Anywho - Walmart and home! There was hardly any wait at the border. (We paid our dues on the way down!) We got home, unpacked, I washed the car, and then we tried to go for sushi but the boy wasn't going to sit. So, we got some salad rolls and got home and crashed! DONE! Home sweet home. Although Jonny doesn't like home at all anymore. He loves LA. I didn't like LA traffic and I like home. It is easy to be home when you know you have two more exciting adventures coming up! 

Another squirm stop. 

And skate stop. 

High chair in the stroller?? 
Baby in the shopping cart? 
New clothes! (For the boy) 

Family resemblance. 

Car clean and back in its spot. Home sweet home. 
I don't think she is going to make it. We miss Ian to water the plants!! 
First night back in his own bed!! So good for everyone!! 
Skate spot? For next time.. good place to stop. 
The end! Teee he he he! 


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