Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I5 North: Lebec and Lodi, California

We spent the night at Microtel in Lebec. It is HOT and desert like. 

We filled up for gas in the morning. Gas total: $368.18
 We had to stop again for gas - sooner than I thought. Maybe it was the wind? The air conditioning? My speed? The Element whines in the wind. It is irksome to my music producer's sensitive ears. 
Gas Total: $413.18
 Our third... forth passenger? Driving dog. 
Jonny's sexy new t-shirt from the Flying J truck stop. I picked it out. I love this shirt... he looks sexy! hehehe! 
Tonight we are the Micotel in Lodi, California. It is an hour outside of SF. Tomorrow morning we are going in for the day and leaving. We thought we would spend longer and take the Alcatraz tour but we should have reserved that tour ... a month ago! It is full until mid. August. 

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