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101 South - 5 North: Salinas, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, Burbank, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Lebec

Motel 6 in Salinas - I tried to make a whirlpool all by myself! I needed Belle power to help me. I was able to swim the sun out. It looks cloudy now, but by the time I was done there was sun. 

 On the road again: Driving from Salinas to Venice Beach. 

 We stopped somewhere to get some food- and I stuck my head in the sign. We didn't eat here though... just took a photo. 

 I went the wrong way and we ended up in Lompoc where we got gas and turned around and came back. (I get frustrated that I don't have a postal code and have to go in to pay for gas in California - especially when there are a bunch of loud, fat kids - not working and the line keeps growing.) 
Gas total: $283.18 

 Venice Beach! We made it! 

 We stayed at the Jolly Roger - right across from Bikram Yoga... which I would have gone to if I wasn't pregnant... next time! 
 We were happy with the Jolly Roger. 

 It cost about $140 after taxes but came with free breaky and we did our laundry. Clean clothes!! No more camping smell. 
Jonny caught me running. I don't know how he did it... I was going SO FAST! hahaha.. 
I caught Jonny skating ... cute! 
This is one of my favourite spots - sitting on the tail gate in the shade. Love this truck! 
 We decided to walk to the Santa Monica pier when it was overcast and then... it got sunny.... ahhhh!! I am burning!! No hat... and I tried to keep my hoodie on. I got all screaned up when we got back to the truck. It was too late though - the next day we looked like tacky tourists with rosy faces. 

 Jonny got his fortune told. His future looks bright. 
 This is where we parked the first day and got a $63 ticket. I am going to write a letter to try and get out of it. The curb is red but there was no visible signage. I didn't know about not parking at a red curb - but now I do! 
We met Pat and Pam - an hour late!! - at Casablanca's at Rose and Lincoln. They have been coming to this restaurant for 30 years. Big Dad and Georgie used to eat here too!! COOL!! Don't ask me why I don't have a picture. Insert Casablanca's happy family photo right here =>
We spent the night at Pat and Pam's in Manhattan Beach. In the morning we went for a walk and had breaky. 
 Surfing at the end of the path!
 Pat and Pam's favourite breaky spot. The servings are LARGE and the biscuits are HUGE. I could feel myself getting fatter. I watched skinny yogis walk passed after their Bikram class staring down at my food with envy. 
 Wet suits - but lots of surfing. 26 street parking lot is where the surf clubs meet before school. I would have been in the surf club at school. I would have joined the life guard program Pam was talking about too. Shanny and Patty-Paul were pretty darn lucky to grow up here!! 
 Cool cactus flowers on the boardwalk. 
 One day Jonny! 
 It is more fun going down the hill than going up the hill. What a good work out. 
 We went on a driving tour of LA. This is a pic for BELLE! 

 Thrifty's ice cream - remember when we used to get them for $0.25 in Indio? $1.63 now. But still yummy! 
 Scary!!! Church of Scientology. We saw this doc before we left on our trip. Not cool... not cool at all. 

We got gas again in LA. Gas total: $323.18

 Again- we didn't get photos of the awesome family visit at Shanny's house. Why? I don't know... seems silly that none of us did. Maybe I could draw a picture? hahaha... Anywho - insert picture of Pat, Pam, Nethanial, Shanny, Olive, Otis, Jonny, and Paula at N&S's home in Burbank. We are all sitting around the back yard dining table eating pizza and sharing stories. Don't we look happy? 

The next day we went back to Venice for one more day of sun, skate, surf, and sand. (And ice cream cookie sandwich.. YUM! Jonny had beer instead. Whatever.) 

From this picture it looks like Jonny wants to come back. He really loved Venice Beach - Dogtown. I can see why Shanny said she spent her teenage years there. There is something for everyone at this beach and there are people of all kinds. 

This is my cookie ice cream sandwich store - yum!
Definitely pregnant looking now. YIKES! 

One last skate before we leave. Good bye Venice Beach - till next time! 

We drove 405 back South one more time to Long Beach for the Crab Pot. We had to. 

Crab Pot - nice view and seat right on the river. What an awesome end to an awesome day! 

The guests before us left their "cat medication" on the table - it made for a good laugh when he came back to retrieve it. 
This is the same thing that we ordered in Seattle last time. If you look back you will notice that Seattle was better - but this was still AWESOME! (and a few dollars cheaper)

After our fest we got back on the 405 North - then the 5 North until we got a ways out of the city. We made it to Lebec, California and found this Microtel which was brand new. They have the AAA discount - free breakfast (with a make your own waffle maker!) WIFI... what else do you need? (about $70 after taxes) We liked it so much we booked another one for tonight - I am sitting in one right now! 


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