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101,1, 128, and 101 South - Richardson Grove State Park, Westport, and Salinas, California

After a nice morning run in Florence, we hit the road. Our first stop to pee was at Elk Lake State Park. We went for a walk and checked out the lake. 

There you go - that is all of Elk Lake. We actually saw some Elk grazing off the side of the highway. 
Jonny caught some pictures of the ocean from the101 in Oregon. 

Next gas stop was Orick - we tried to stop a couple of times before this but a lot of stations are out of business. 
This gas station in Orick was quite old and sketchy looking - but better than going empty! I promise I was trying for a quarter tank dad!! Gas total is up to: $142.88

We stopped at a grocery outlet in Eureka to get supplies for camping. I saw these Vanilla Wafers and thought of you Emma! Emma would always eat these on road trips. We got some salmon, hot dogs with jalepenos and cheese in them, and tortillas and cheese. I was trying to find graham crackers to make s'mores - but no such luck at this odd grocery outlet. 

Richardson Grove State Park - 8 miles south of Gaberville, California. This is me whittling cooking sticks for the dogs. 
The sticks work good! Nice dog cooking J. Cakes! 
Ya!! Look at the pregnant woman with the beer... no... I got a whole jug of water - so much fun! hahaha! 
Carrie and Christie finally made it. They drove all the way from Cannon Beach today and last night in Cannon Beach they slept in a tent in the RAIN!! YIKES! 
All the girls are happy around the fire. 
This is probably teacher talk. 
I cooked some quesadillas for breaky. Yum!! Corn tortillas! 
The Redwoods are large and pretty. 

Friends forever!! Carrie and Paula camping!! We said good bye to our friends - they are off to SF for some wine tours and we are heading to the beaches around Los Angeles and if we have time we are going to see SF on the way back. 
The next gas stop was Fort Bragg. 
Gas total is now: $193.18
Westport Beach, California. This is our KOA camp and chill spot for July 4. 

Jonny drank Longboard Lager - how brave of him! 
Westport - Jonny starting the fire like a pro. 
The bed is all made inside the truck. 
Robin red breast came for a visit. 
Cooking on the fire: potatoes, carrots, and ribs. 
It got quite cold at night in Westport. There were some fireworks in the sky at night but there weren't any shenanigans. The music choices of our camping neighbours died down before 10 and it seemed everyone was asleep. I know I was! We were expecting more of a party considering all of the people and large families that brought everything with them - including satellite dishes and barbecues. 
We stopped at the Denny's in Fort Bragg in the morning. Jonny took pictures of this dog driving while I washed the windshield of dead bugs. (Thanks for the Bon Ami and blue paper towels mom!) 
We stopped at Santa Rosa - for some lunch. We found some sushi - but it was way overpriced for what we usually get at home. It still felt good to have some healthy food in our tummies. 
Look how small Jonny's sashimi is!!! I got a very yummy sweet potato roll for the same price. I won! We had three more rolls and used the wifi. Then back on the road... to SF! 

hahaha... nice one.. thanks Jonny! (Shower please!) 

Our next gas stop was in Cochrane, California. Gas total: $238.18 - will we make it home? yikes! Just kidding!! hahaha.... 

And now we are in Salinas, California at the Motel 6. We had In and Out burger for dinner - I thought of Sam, Dad and Pit as I ate my double double. Another California attraction - check! Now.. bed.. get up - run around this dusty pit spot and if there are no kids in the pool - go for a quick dip - shower and head on down the road... hopefully to see Pat and Pam soon! (We have to wash our clothes first though!) 


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