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101 South - Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Florence, Oregon

Tonight we are in a hotel with WIFI in Florence, Oregon. Jonny is watching River Monsters and I am updating the blog. Here are some more pictures and stories: 

Seaside - check out this old guy with a motorized cooler! How many 40's could I fit in that? He must have made that himself. 
Seaside - FREEDOM - Happy Canada Day! 
Seaside- We played this weird ball rolling game. It was a little frustrating because there seemed no way to control the roll of the ball. It was fun though. 8 turns for $1. 

Action shot

Jonny getting seriously into it! 
Here is the map from the Visitor Information Centre in Cannon Beach. I couldn't find the campsite and I stubbornly tried for at least a half hour. Cannon Beach was full of tourists. It was very busy. There were cars and people everywhere. I needed to get out of the car and go for a run soon. I was feeling frustrated but trying to keep my cool. Jonny was a good help. I don't know how he does it. I think he just tunes me out and listens to the music and smiles and kisses me a lot. Good technique.. works! 
Cannon Beach: Wright's for Camping - Jonny with a wheel barrow full of wood for our campfire. 
Cannon Beach - finally - to the beach! We went for a nice walk from Wright's to the town for some lunch and supplies. We walked along the beach on the way to town and on the road on the way back. It was an awesome walk. It was good to be out of the truck :-) 
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach - Jonny taking a picture of me taking a picture. 
Cannon Beach - Jonny standing. 
Cannon Beach - I have been to the beach and that made me happy  - Jonny got a beer and that made him happy. Yes - Arlene... he was smiling before and after the picture!! 
Cannon Beach - There you go Arlene! A smile from Jonny Boy! 
Cannon Beach - Look what Jonny found in the market... wow! That makes two things you can get in an American grocery store that you can't get in a Canadian one: Alcohol and fireworks - and oh ... what a combo. Sadly, we didn't get the works :-( 
Cannon Bech - I got to go for a run and do some yoges. 

Cannon Beach - I feel so MUCH better now! 
Cannon Beach - Jonny found this by the bathrooms: A big wave took my trunks, leaving me quite bare, my friends, those lousy punks, came to laugh and stare! 
Cannon Beach - Wright's campsite
Cannon Beach - Yay camping!
Cannon Beach - Here is the gaggle of teachers at Wright's. I am cooking a hot dog on a stick. FUN! 
Cannon Beach - and yes, I got a sour candy necklace! This is a shot by the campfire. LOVE!
The next morning we got up and headed on the road again. We had to find the sun again. Head South! 
A view point just on the other side of Oswald Park. 

A shot from the car. 
Gas Stop #2: Lincoln City
$46.90 - that brings us up to: $91.28
Lincoln City - We stopped to eat at a place called Maxwell's. Jonny got another funny, named beer: Dead Guy Ale. He is looking for his American Brew. 
Lincoln City - Another shot of my candy necklace. 
Lincoln City - Are you kidding me? Look at that chicken caesar. It is big enough for a whole family. I should have gotten an after shot - I did pretty good but there is no way anyone could eat that much salad. When I was eating it I was thinking about Man vs. Food. 
Lincoln City - Jonny thought this would be a good patch for Pit when he rides his scooter! hahaha! 
I don't remember where this bridge was - somewhere after Lincoln City though :-) 
Florence - At a restaurant called Mo's. It was right on the river in the Old Town. 
Mo's had really nice clam chowder and fish tacos. 
Florence - I am pointing. 
We ended our evening with Dairy Queen and now we are enjoying the bed and TV in the hotel room. Luxury! hahaha! 

Jonny took some pictures of pictures in our hotel lobby in Florence. This hotel has been around a long time! It used to have a squadron of blimps is used to send out to search for submarines on the west coast. Pretty cool tidbit eh? 


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