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Ankle Day 13

It costs 30 000Rp for half an hour to use the computer at this hotel! I pay like 2 000 back by my old place. It bugs me that it is so expensive... but I guess I am paying for convenience. I am stuck. I can't run away and I can't do what I want when I want. I am dependent on other people and it is great that I have those people.. but I am so independent.. that it is ... sucking in my brain. Ya know? I AM the kid who will run home and go to bed when she is done. I can't do that now. I have to wait or ruin people's fun. WHA! hahaha.. I am fine. Everyday is getting better and today is off to the doctor. It will be Sam's first time meeting Dr. Brown! Today at 12 is also the last day of my antibiotics! Sam is making me ask the doctor if I can have beer... there will always be that double standard! He is taking care of his sister.. but come on.. I had a screw put in my ankle I deserve a beer!! They shoulda had a cold Bintang besar waiting for me as they woke me up from my anastethic slumber! (That would be awesome eh? It was an Aussie hospital!)

Yesterday I got a pedicure right by the pool. Sam could watch me from the swim up bar. Kinda creepy but nice! I then went for my first swim. I did two laps with just arms. I am not allowed to kick. It was awesome. That was the fastest and most comfortable moving I have done in 12 days!

Today is day 13 of ankle madness. I had 7days with it broken and now 6 days screwed.

Quotation from last night's conversation: I got screwed in Bali but I didn't come home with herpes.

It was funnier last night and I was sober. Hmm.. I must be going crazy!

Here are some pics!! Sorry some are sideways.. but 30 000Rp for a half hour?? COME ON!! 

This is me in my room before I went to the hospital. 

This is me sideways on my crutches!

This is me in the hospital pointing at my IV that they had to stab me twice to get in.
This is Tia painting my toes with Shrek nail polish the day after I got home. (They had to take off my blue nail polish before the operation and they used pure acetone and took off some of the tan on my toes too.. my toes looked white and blue and dead!)
Getting my bandage off on Sunday. First look at stitches. Look he cut between her feet and missed the tattoo!!
Sam eating a cheese burger in bed in his underwear and hat! He is happy! Sam likes it here and wishes he had his 50.

Me playing with the panorama option on my camera. This is the pool that we chill at. Ghetto to goddess!
Sam feeding the iguana some long island iced tea. He is going to try and make his own iguana at home.. or something.. around his pool.


  1. We love the pics... we're happy you're having fun!!! Love Heidi & Belle.. can't wait for you to come home and go swimming in the new pool! xxoo

  2. Yay! I love the Sam+burger combo! hahaha! So glad it is feeling better!

  3. That's a komodo dragon Sam is feeding hahaha! Hope your ankle heals quickly, Nayba! Love you!

  4. Good pics - hang in there buddy!!!

  5. Not what u planned huh? You'll come home withh some good stories. Thinkin bout u hope is all well

  6. FINALLY HACKED INTO YOUR BLOG FROM CHINA!! YAY! Can't wait to see you when we all get home. Take good care of that foot! XOXO.....I'll tell you all about my toe adventures later....


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