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Baniener Days: Victoria, Tofino, Sushi, Paddle Boarding, Gastown, and MORE SUSHI!

We took the ferry over to Victoria. Here is a famous alley in China Town. Jonathon was able to show us around because he used to live here. 

 Free Willy! 
 This is a pub that we didn't drink in... but Jon used to drink here when he lived here. You get monkey nuts and can throw them on the ground. 
 Annina in front of the Parliament buildings. 
 Annina and I had a Dairy Queen blizzard - she got the biggest small I have ever seen. She wasn't able to eat it all. We watched a crazy teenage girl across the street at the bus stop while we ate. 
 Long Beach - we really lucked out with the weather. It was so nice and sunny. Richard met us for a surf. It was good to see him. 

 I got one good shot of Annina! 
 Don't forget... this is the size of the wetsuit you were wearing Annina.. just in case you want to order one on the internet for the standing wave ;-) 

 Annina and I ate at Shelter in Tofino. It was super fancy and $$. Everything in Tofino seemed $$. Jonny was sick back at the hotel. He couldn't swallow. Juice for Jonny! Salmon surf bowl for Annina! 
 Look - there is my chill spot in the background. 

 There she goes! 

 Toes in the water. 

 Richard told us about this Taco Truck. It was delicious but a little $$. $10 burrito from a truck. I guess nothing is cheap in Tofino. It must suck to live there! 
 We stopped to look at some big trees. 

 This is the largest one. 
 Ferry sunset. 
 Back in Vancouver for more sushi! 

 We ran in the morning and then we went paddle boarding. It was an awesome last day in the sun. 

 The pregnant lady is up! 

Wow!! Headstand on the board!! Bali Victor would be proud.  

 They opened the slide! 

 We had Mexican on our last night. We were going to walk down to the Vietnamese spot but we were pooped from all the sun and playing in the water. 
 This is the last morning - at Starbucks in Gastown. 

 I was trying to get a picture of the cruise ship and mountains behind Annina - but you can't see them. 

 The steam clock shot! 
 Surfing the Olympic torch. 

 Hugging Willy. 

 Sea plane. 

 All you can eat sushi on the roof. 

We were so full after all of this sushi!! I think Annina will be full of sushi for a long time now - Jonny and I too! I wish I could send you sushi in the mail Annina. What a great two weeks - they went so fast though. Thanks for coming to visit us and I hope we get to see you next year in Bali :-) 


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