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Baniener Days: False Creek Ferry, Spanish Banks, Seattle Outlets, Crab Pot, Cannon Beach, Jonny's Bday, Seaside

Annina's first time at all you can eat sushi. 
We had to pick up the truck at the Honda service centre by Granville island so we took the False Creek ferry across. 

Then we picked up Carrie and went to Spanish Banks for some sun, Slurpees, and reading. The tide was WAY out. 
 The next morning we got up and drove to the border. 
 We got in line a little before 8:50 am. 
 We got to to talk to the gate a little after 10:55. We were asked to go inside so Annina could get a US visa for $6. Now the trip can really begin - we made it through the tough part. No one likes lines. Didn't we learn this already on our last road trip? Don't go across on long weekends? 
 Jonny trying on clothes at his favourite store Ross. This hoodie was deemed too small. Who leaves on a road trip without a hoodie? I think this was his plan to get a new hoodie! 
 Annina at Nike outlet shop number 2!! She found shoes!! 
 Jonny made me stand in front of the Christian store to get a picture. 
 We bought Christian some more clothes. I can't wait to meet this little guy! 
 Cool hoodie for Christian... when he is 2. Yes, we got it. We had to. It is a zombie hoodie with a full face mask. Halloween is done. 
Annina chilling in the back of the Element. The sun is shining. 
 Here we are at the Crab Pot again. Annina discovered apple, ginger cider. I think she likes it :-) 

 Watching Annina's cute little face as she ate like this for the first time was a memory of a life time. 

 This was all leftover. They weren't able to do it all. (Unfortunately I was unable to participate this round. Had I been able to swallow... anything.. I am sure I would have been able to help them out!) 
 The "Seattle Eye" was operational this time but it was so late, and we were so tired - it will have to wait until another trip. 
 We stayed at the Jet Motel in SeaTac. We were about to go downstairs and complain about only having one bed when we found there was a whole other room. This place must have been apartments before it was a hotel because we had a whole little suite. 

 Annina's first time at Denny's! 
 She doesn't even come close to finishing all of this. We also got to see what grits looked like. They didn't look that good and I don't think any of us tried them. 
 On the road again... some scenic shots by Jonny. 
 My brother and his family are going to be here... in a few days. 

 Here is our beautiful - and $$ suite - at the Sea Breeze Court. 

 Cannon Beach we are back! 

 The Mexican restaurant in Cannon Beach - Jonny's second birthday dinner. 

 Jonny got a plate of meat. 
 He almost finished all of his meat. 
 And then he rode the whale. 

 One more birthday beer at the brew pub on the way home. 

Baniener and Jonny playing with their toys. 
 Seaside beach - Avenue U - The Cove. We checked the waves to see if it was worth renting all the gear. 
 Annina is wearing a toque - yes it is that cold! 

 The decision was made to wait until Tofino. 
 There are some hotels right in front of this surf spot though. This is where we will stay next time we visit. Then we can run inside and have a hot shower. 

 We packed up and said good-bye to our little suite. 

 Jonny's favourite surf board at Cleanline surf shop. It has 5 fins. 
 Look - Christian's wet suit. 
 We stopped in Seaside and had some lunch and played the annoying, ball game. 
Jonny won the first round. Annina and I never won. So annoying!! 


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