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Baniener Days: Lot's of walking and Aquarium

I think we walked at least 20 km today!! First we had a breakfast walk down to Denman. After breaky we walked past Denman to Lost Lagoon and then back home along the C wall. 

 When we got hungry again we had to go for sushi! It was Annina's first sushi meal in Vancouver. I think she liked it! 

 After sushi we walked to the Coal Harbour side of the the C wall and into Stanley Park to the Aquarium. 

 We caught a 4D flick as soon as we got to the Aquarium. It was nice to rest our feet and get some seat shaking and wind blowing to cool us off! 

 Jonny took lot's of cool pictures of marine life. 

 These sea lions are Jonny's favourite guys. 

 Piranha pictures for Sam. 

 I like this blue froggy. 

 Kissy fish. 

We needed some Starbucks and Dairy Queen to make it back up the hill and home. Our feet were very tired after all of our touring around. We slept well!! 


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