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SpringVegLA2016: Vegas to LA then Home

The drive from Vegas to Santa Monica was about four hours. We drove past these cool solar fields. There were three tall, glowing, towers. They were super bright. Surrounding them were fields of solar panels.

We made it - Santa Monica!
The is the where we walk out to the beach from our new hotel. It is the stairs I want to ollie - tiny little two sets. I could probably just lift my nose and go. Maybe this summer :-)

Walkway through the sand to the beach. This is where the boy and I would spend our sunsets making tunnels and roads in the sand.

Story time
Snack / cartoon time

We met Pat, Pam, Ryder, Emma, Olive & Otis at the park in Manhatten Beach.
Apres surf burrito, beer, and sun on the step time.
His first tattoo - he wanted me to wash it off right away.
Use your aloe vera
Jonny teaching the boy the ways of the Santa Monica triple set.

Fun night at the Santa Monica pier.

Morning skate at Natas Lot

The boy is chasing a squirrel from palm tree to palm tree... like the dogs.

Then... we had to drive home :-(
But the Easter Bunny was in the Park at Kelso!
And we got to skate the Kelso Skate Park - love these mornings :-)


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