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SpringVegLA2016: Vancouver to Vegas

Day 1: Vancouver to Langley to Kennewick, Washington. 

Stayed in the Super 8 with an indoor pool. Got up and went for a run. It was colder than I thought. I had a t-shirt on. (RunPod was not charged and ran in silence. Saw a gun range, Cannon, Windsor Plywood - pick up trucks... and a beautiful sunrise.) Went back in. Went for a swim and had breakfast. It started raining. Wrote a quick message to Auntie Mary and Uncle Pat: 

Guess what? 

We are in Kennewick. I just got back from a run. I passed a gun range called hole in the wall. I hear uncle Pat, you lived here. Not a bad little hole in wall - wink wink! 

See you in April :-) 

And they responded: 

Hi Paula

Yes we were there for about 18 months.  Significant events included Pat being born in Kadlac Methodist hospital in Richland down the road and your Dad shooting the rattlesnake in the hills.   We lived in the 4700 block Quinualt, my office was in Angus square and Mary sold her Alpine there.  If we were there could give you the tour. Have fun.
See you in Bellingham.
Uncle Pat and Aunt Mary

Day 2: Kennewick, Washington to Twin Falls, Idaho
Stayed in the Shilo Inn - more swimming! 

Twin Falls reminds me of a song that Lori and I used to listen to: 

Day 3: Twin Falls, Idaho to Ely.. no way!! .. Las Vegas!!! 

We were going to stop in Ely, Nevada - and then take one more day to drive to Las Vegas - but have you seen Ely? Ghost town!! You might not make it out alive in the morning. AND the wind!! There was not swimming in that outdoor pool that looked so nice on your website. So - we booked it and made it to Vegas. We were so HAPPY!!!  (to get out of the car and shake our rumpaaaa!!)

The Tuscany - our marriage hotel - we are back! Here are some pics from the trip so far: 

 Fries fix the broken tacks.


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