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California Toddler Tripping: Venice Beach Week Two

I would like to say we got our routine DOWN.. but we had a few hiccups - life with a toddler! For the most part we got our routine down. A typical day is get up when the boy wakes us up - anywhere between 5 and 6:30am. Get out of the house so we don't wake all of the neighbours and go skate the sand gaps and Natas Lot. First Jonny watches the boy skate and plays in the park with him while I skate and then Jonny skates and the boy and I hang out. The last few days the boy and I went all the way to the water and splashed around. My favourite moments!! 

Next, walk home and get get in the truck. I run inside and get changed and grab water. We drive to Zuma beach which is about a half hour and grab McDonalds breakfast burrito meal to share and some juice for the boy. (We look forward to making our own juice again when we get home - but this is probably saving us some $$ and the blender doesn't work.) 

I surf for a half hour to forty-five minutes while the boys skate and play around at the beach. 

Oh ya.. the boy has been napping on the way to surfing.. throwing off our schedule. 

We drive home and chill. Jonny might have to run errands or if the boy doesn't nap for real - then we walk him and sometimes he will fall asleep in the stroller … but a few times he didn't nap at all .. after the brief morning nap in the car… which makes for a disaster of a night.. over tired boy. 

Don't get me wrong, I love looking next to me and seeing him sleeping in his crib… but I hate him waking me up all night… fan on, fan off, TV on.. cuddle back down… sleep on the couch and wait to go back in.. on that note.. I hear him waking from his nap.. I will be back! I was wrong.. I have more time! YAY! 

So, here are some pictures from this past week… and we are all saddened that we only have a few days left. I really believe I was a California girl born into a Langley baby… one day I will make the change! haha! 
Musical toys from the 99 cent store. 

 Jonny's challenge

How Jonny is planning to get off the ledge. 

 Back to Zuma I go! 

 The boy skating and playing at Zuma. 

 The boy's have a new move - show me your belly! 
 Bart Simson at the Santa Monica triple set!! 
 Boy chilling at the sand gaps. 

 You can see Jonny in the background. 

Passed out on the drive to Zuma.. again… it isn't nap time boy!! 

 The boy likes to help me sweep the grass.. that is right.. sweep the grass!! 

 All this surfing and skating made me pooped.. nap time on the outside couch.. which is missing one pillow because it is keeping the boy locked in his crib.. that and a cooler, the inside couch pillows, and a couple of body boards. 
 Cheap beer with a P hat. 
 On the way home from Big Dean's - swing time.. he loves the swings! 

 Just our hats. 
 Crossing the vast sands of Santa Monica
 And RUN! 

 That is my boy!! 

 The weekend morning got a bit gloomy. We went for a breaky walk and a surf.. and I went to Bikram. 

 Saturday night it rained and Sunday is a bit cloudy. We went for a walk to the pier and then played on this playground. 

 The boy and I walked to the beach after (and let Jonny rest - he has a scratchy throat).. we walked through a shit load of Hari Krishanas - there was a parade and a float… but all the streets were blocked.. we walked straight down Rose ave to the beach. 

Here is a quick video of the beach times today: 


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