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California Toddler Tripping: Eureka - Santa Cruz

We decided to stop at a Walmart or Target and check out their bed options. We also decided to head back to the I5 so we could get further faster. If we did end up getting a bed we weren't going to leisurely go down the coast and set it up and take it down everyday. We had to get somewhere and stay for a bit. Then we thought, if we were going to stay somewhere for five days do we really want to be somewhere random off the I5? So, at Grants Pass we headed back to the 1 via the Redwood Highway.

We saw a nice hotel on the beach in Crescent city for $90/ night. We were tired and it had already been a really long drive but it was foggy and had that same look as Seaside which gave me a bad feeling. I said we should go on. I didn't want to make the decision because I was so out of it from lack of sleep and driving and thinking about a plan - but I made it. Then, we regretted it. Everything coming up after that was awful. Our goal was to get as far as Eureka and we got there. But it is a nothing of a town. We didn't want to stay there for longer than a night.

That evening while hiding in the bathroom, waiting for the boy to fall asleep so we could sneak back in - we came up with the next plan: Santa Cruz! Yes! We loved it last year and we loved it again this year.  We booked a hotel for five days and got up and got out of Eureka! Eureka - get out of Eureka!

This is the bed we got. We justified the expense in many ways. The first one was a hand-me down. This one converts into a toddler bed for easier training. We needed to sleep and enjoy some of our trip! Traveling just didn't seem like the right time to train him to sleep in a big boy bed. The whole thing cost us $200 with mattress and a fitted sheet. That isn't too bad! 
The bed worked! YES! 
Ummm??? This one is special! 

 Santa Cruz: The Beach - the boy loved going up and down the stairs and the ramp. 

Dem Boys! 

 The Boardwalk

Laughing Sal

These guys??!! 

Christian won two prizes with this dino - he loved this game!

I remember this from the mall?? or IGA???

Christian won the jackpot with one acorn drop - 250 tickets!!

Jonny got his turkey leg! 

 The skate park! 

The skate park is open from 9 - sunset… but people are there from 7 - dark. It was amazing to watch the kids today skate but a little sad - because they don't seem to have the fun and camaraderie that we had when we were young. They are all plugged in and competitive… still amazing… just a different time. We wish we were young again…. who doesn't??? 

 America's Best Value Inn - right across from the skate park - sweet! 


Decked out in screaming hands. 

Downtown: Our breakfast spot

A monkey face toque we saw downtown.. the store was closed.. or else.. I know a few monkeys who would like this!!

Big beers with an octopus on its head! 
who put my pizza in my container ?
Downtown skate stoppers

Our watering hole: Coasters

La Ganga??? Newspaper? 

 The park a few houses down from our hotel. 

 Across the street - behind the skate park - there is a private river beach with some ducks -squirm time! 

 We either had to do laundry or get Christian a few more short sets - so we went to Capitola mall Target - a few exits down and found this nice squirm spot and manual pad. 


Santa Cruz was a chill town - during my time here I forgot about English nine and the strike… I don't think it was just the distance from these things - it was the stress free environment. This is a lifestyle I think I could really get into… we will be back on the way home for a couple of more days and skates.


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