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Happy Crabbiversary: June 16 and 17th

Off to Seattle again! This time we were on a mission to pick up our camping mattress from Cabela's, get some clothes, and obviously get some crab! Yum! 

We woke up Saturday morning at 6am. Jonny made me some toast, we showered, and hit the road nice and early. We were hoping to get into Seattle in the early afternoon. Well, that didn't work out as planned. The trip almost ended at the Olive Garden before we got to the crab.

We had a long wait at the PAC Crossing. It was over an hour. It was bum and mind numbing. 

We idled in slow traffic for over an hour before Seattle because of an accident. We pulled over at a rest stop - peed - got back on the highway and were at the same spot in the traffic. Ugh! We were hungry. I had had my toast. Jonny had had some beef jerky from the gas station in Blaine but now it was almost noon. Finally we made it to the Olive Garden where we had all you can eat salad and bread sticks and some appies. They didn't have the soup deal like last time. Too bad - that was a good deal! 

 Here I am sitting in the Olive Garden waiting for salad and bread sticks. 
 Here they come! 
 Oh no! WE have hit the wall. Maybe we should get our stuff and go back home tonight? Why bother going into Seattle? We started to question our plan because we were so frustrated with the traffic. If we go home then we have to drive back out for Father's day. Maybe we should get a hotel here by the outlets? Maybe we should save our money for our California trip? Back and forth with battled with our thoughts about our trip. We contemplated every angle. You know what happened? We stuck to the plan! AND am I ever glad we did... because... 

 This was the biggest crab I have ever eaten!! This was our third time to The Crab Pot and it was the biggest King Crab ever. It was so yummy. There were so many big, fat, thick bites! 

 After our crab we walked around a bit and took pictures of the new "Seattle EYE?" It was not operational yet but I am going to go on it one day. I hope it isn't as expensive as the London one. 
 Sometimes rainy, misty, cloudy day. 

We walked back to the downtown area around 4th and University and found a nice little coffee shop. Jonny had some coffee and I had the best peppermint tea I have ever had. It was so minty. I used the bathroom and we sat on the patio and watched people for a bit. Then we decided we were tired and it was time to head back to our hotel. We found the Light Rail eventually - Westlake station is around the corner from McDonalds past Ross. 

We visited Ross when we first got to the city. Jonny left the hotel in just his t-shirt. It was really muggy out. Jonny got some $25 jeans, t-shirts, and a long sleeve. I got some man tanks and t's for my growing body. You can't go wrong for $6 each. 

The Light Rail took us back to our last night in the Seatac Inn. We did not have as good an experience here as we have the last two times. We got one of the rooms in the back building. But at least it was better than the smoking room they gave us at first. YUCK! Stinky! Next time we are going to try the Jet Inn next door. A few dollars more but a better vibe. Live and learn. 

Early the next morning we had Denny's - how do American's eat this much crap? Then we headed back to the outlets. Our first stop was Cabela's to pick up our mattress. We were there at 8:50am and it opened at 9. There were lots of people waiting in the parking lot. This place is popular and huge! 
 They even have fish in it! 

We got our mattress and two solar powered lamps and the best licorice ever. We got one lamp for us and one for Father's day. They are so cool! I like solar power and I think my dad does too. 

We drove over to the outlets and walked around before they opened. They opened at 10 and we were there at 9:45. What a great time to go. There were some people there but nothing crazy. We hit the Nike store and Jonny found a nice hoodie. I got some overpriced LARGE bra tops, leggings and running shorts. Then - we left! 

 We stopped one more time on the way home in Blaine. We had some Thai food and looked out at the Marina where the Spider used to live. Those were good times. 

We had no problems and hardly a wait at the border on the way home. We stopped at Mom and Dad's and had some fun father's day times hanging with the fam. I updated IPhones, iPads and Apple TV. We got YouTubes playing on the TV through the iPad. We also played some weird game in the yard - kinda fun. Heidi made some great burgers and I believe all fathers had a good time. 

  I had the hugest zit (still do) on my NECK! GROSS!! Thanks mom for helping me pop it!! GROSS!! 
Jonny got some new insoles. Here are his old ones he left in the car. I hope they help with his plantar facitis. 
And here is me on my way to school on Monday in my new LARGE clothes. 


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