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California Road Trip Planning

*All plans are tentative and open to spur of the moment changes* 

Day 1: Saturday, June 30

Vancouver to Artic Park - 4 Hours, 37 Minutes
Artic Park - not reserved yet: - e-mailed for reservation Friday, June 22 - I wrote them again today, Tuesday, June 26th - if they don't respond we will take our chances and find something on the way. 
Pub for dinner
This one is now booked! They don't take cards so bring cash - $14. 

Day 2: Sunday, July 1
Artic Park - Cannon Beach - 2 Hours
We can stop in Seaside and get some salt water taffy and swing on the swings on the beach.
Wright's for Camping - $32, $3/additional person - We could share a campsite here with Carrie.
Seems expensive - but they are the same price in this town
-not reserved yet: I e-mailed to check for reservation Friday, June 22 (two vehicles, 1 tent) 
They returned e-mail saying they have a space. So.. are we reserved? I wrote back again asking if they could save that spot for us. I am not sure they have reservation policies... if they do they haven't mentioned them. It was a very vague e-mail. haha.. let's see what they write back. 
Wright's is booked under Paula Johnson and my visa. Site #11. If we are going to be later than 9pm please call. 

Cannon Beach is a cool little town where we used to spend May long weekends. This is where we rented our suits and boards and then we went to Oswald park and hiked down to the beach.
Surf Rentals - $35 / $40 - for the day - wetsuit and board!

Day 3: Monday, July 2
Oswald Park - Carrie and Jonny surfing - hang out on the beach
Oswald Park - Florence, Oregon - 4 Hours, 15 Minutes
Lighthouse Inn - Florence $76 - Booked - free cancelation before July 1 - wifi

Day 4: Tuesday, July 3
Florence, Oregon - Gaberville, California - 6 Hours, 53 Minutes 
Richardson Grove State Park - is booked! Carrie and Christie can stay here - it says one care but maybe after they set up they can park it in a parking lot? We can change the number of occupants when we get there. $43. Site 007. Booked under Paula Johnson on Visa.  

Day 5: Wednesday, July 4

Gaberville California - Westport Beach- 58 Minutes

KOA - not booked - still looking  - $40 beach campsite!! BOOKED cancellation info- Please call (888) 562-3427 before these deadlines to receive your deposit refund, minus a $10 cancellation fee. *All cancellations will incur a $10 cancellation fee.

Jonny says - no more planning - get to the beach - do SF on the way back if there is time. We 
want to find one beach to stay and hang out at for a few days. 

Day 6: Thursday, July 5

Westport Beach - San Luis Obispo - 7 Hours, 27 Minutes
We are going to find something on the way...

We made it to Salinas - Motel 6

Day 7: Friday, July 6

Salinas - Venice Beach - 5 Hours, 35 Minutes
Jolly Rodger Inn

- do laundry!! Chill on beach -
Casablancas - Pat and Pam

Day 8: Saturday, July 7

Venice Beach - Manhattan Beach - 22 minutes

Day 9: Sunday, July 8
Hollywood - Burbank - Shanny, Nethanial, Olive, Otis, Pat and Pam - Manhattan Beach

Day 10: Monday, July 9 
Manhattan Beach - Venice Beach - Long Beach - Lebec California
Crab Pot Long Beach
Microhotel - Lebec

Day 11: Tuesday, July 10

Day 12: Wednesday, July 11

Lodi  - San Francisco
Alcatraz - No space!!! OH NO!!!! Next time :-( - I guess we will tour around on our own and then keep driving.
San Francisco - Red Bluff - Sycamore Grove Campground- $16 - not reserved - is it going to be too hot??? 

Day 13: Thursday, July 12

Red Bluff - Salem - 7 Hours - find a camp site

Day 14: Friday, July 13

Portland - Home - 5 Hours, 31 Minutes

Old info:
Cannon Beach
Not reserved: 503-436-2815
$33/ night $3/additional person - same as above. - will call this one when I hear back from Wright's.

Crescent City
The Redwoods - no available bookings on this date.
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park - this one is too good - all reserved
Shoreline RV Campground - $18.70 - e-mailed for reservation Friday, June 22 - fuck that bitch!! Called to make a reservation and she was SUPER rude!! Not staying there.EVER!!
Still no booking for this stop - we will take our chances and find something on the way.
We will see Carrie and Christie again this night.

Crescent City - Westport Beach - 3 Hours, 43 Minutes

Westport Beach - San Francisco - 3 Hours, 39 Minutes
Samuel P. Taylor State Park  - $35 - 35 miles North of SF on 101 - WIFI
We could do Sam P on the 5th and SF RV resort on the way out.
San Francisco Candlestick RV park - $49 - $12 shuttle to the city - tours from the park - available - haven't booked. Had originally deleted this one but they wrote me back.
Might be good to use the shuttle - then we don't have to worry about parking in the city. Come back and get the Element and drive to Pacifica for an ocean view night after all our touring of the city. OR... stay at the same place ... on the 6th. Stay here with Carrie and do tours. 

Alcatraz tour - Fisherman's wharf -
San Francisco RV Resort - $56 (AAA Discount)- 15 minutes South in Pacifica - Ocean viewsThis one sounds good! 


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