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My Seattle Birthday Road Trip: Swimming, Taco Bell, and Shopping!

Wow! What a great weekend! I never thought I would ask to go on a shopping trip for my birthday but I did and it was great... minus being tired and getting sick at the end of it. I had my big girls, my little girls, and my fam with me. It was perfect! I had Taco Bell, went swimming, and got new gear - mostly for running - I am ready for summer.. BALI TIME!!

We left on Saturday morning - after a night of party party... showered and drove to Langley where mom drove us to our new home for the night. We went and ate in some log cabin restaurant. We had a two booth booth. We returned to the hotel and then headed out to the shopping outlets. I hit the Roxy and Nike store with mom and Belle and then it was time to reconvene. Belle went off with Heidi and mom got me an ice cream. I had lost all energy by this point. I stood outside with my ice cream watching my mom hold things up through the window. I tried to find the energy to shop more.. but that was it for me! I couldn't even finish my ice cream. I went and napped in the HOT truck.. all balled up and sweating. YUCK~! Finally, everyone returned and we stopped at Walmart... and got snacks and gatorade.. and Dr. Pepper... and beer... and wine... I didn't even get a 40!

Back at the hotel a swim with my girls revived me partially. All I could think of was Taco Bell. We got into comfy clothes back in the room and shared stories and ate crackers and cheese. THEN, a trip was made to Taco Bell and fine crunch wraps and soft tacos arrived... mmmm!!! yummy! Well, that is it for me! Carrie and I went to sleep.. or I went to sleep and Carrie soon followed. The rest of the gang went to party.. or mom, sam, G, Dad ... and Emma.. hahaha! Heidi was the babysitter... I coulda babysat! Oh well. I was asleep... and that was nice!

Emma got a hat that says Cock Fight on it. hahahaha!

When they returned from partying they came and woke me up and wished me happy birthday. So, I had another soft taco. Why not? It is my birthday. When I woke up in the morning. I had another soft taco! Then Carrie, Emma, and I went for breakfast and swimming. When I came back from swimming I had another soft taco! Carrie said we couldn't bring them with us in the car.

We went to the outlets.. for one more hour. I got some tank tops and socks. Sweet! Back on the road.. to LULU and I got two pairs for running shorts. YAY! (One of which I wore later that day for my run with Emma!! Yup.. we ran on my birthday after all that Taco Bell!!) We made one more stop at Bob's for lunch and then I slept all the way to the border.

That's it!!! Good times eh?


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