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May 24 Camping Adventure: The Perfect Spot

Wow!! What a great weekend at the Perfect Spot! Thanks to Kyra and Roger for finding and securing our camping paradise. I am not sure if I should tell you where it is. I kinda wanna keep it for ourselves!! How about you let me know if you wanna check it out and I will take you there?

Anywho, I picked up Wade and we drove straight onto the 6:30 am ferry. We were second to last on. We went upstairs and got some snacks - hot choco and bagel with cream cheese for me... and then we chilled by the front of the boat. Everyone was getting up and looking out the window where we saw whales!!! Cool! Snacks and whales.

After breakfast we headed back down to the truck where I pulled out a blanket and balled up into ... a ball... and fell back to sleep. Nice! I think Wade walked around the boat. He had coffee and there was no nap time for him.

We drove straight to Emma's home in Courtney. She was waving at us from her front yard. She was going to take her own truck but she came with us to make a nice big party! We stopped at the skate park so Emma could spray paint a happy birthday message to one of her kids. (Your spray paint is still in the back of my truck BTW!) We got gas and headed towards Campbell River. We stopped at Superstore (btw.. the one in Surrey is now blue too!) and the party store. Our next stop? 30 minutes the wrong way at a cool survival camp which Wade was really interested in. Maybe he will go learn to live in the woods there?? That would be a great adventure log!

Finally we arrived at our destination. Wow! It was our own private driveway, picnic table, outhouse, and fire pit. Kyra, Roger, Jon, Andrea, and Luke had set up a couple of tents and a big tent coverage in case it rained. There was a hammock and an inflatable kayak. The sun was shining and the water was so inviting.

We chilled our beers and I made a video of Emma putting up a tent. hahaha! Check it.. it is below. I eventually went swimming... then got a bit too tipsy and went again! hahaha! I love to swim. Then.. I was cold and I am pretty sure I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night in my truck.. and I used my camera to check the time (which is incorrect) and I accidentally took picitures of my finger trying to turn it off and one great snap of my head.. hahaha.. where I look like Marcus. That is below too. Ugly.. well.. good look for Marcus.. just not me! hahaha!

The next day was a lot colder and it rained a bit. I read my book a lot and had naps. We basically stoked the fire, watched the boys fish, Emma and Wade went for a walk.... hmmm... we told stories.. some boys on toys came around to share stories. We had some great food made in tinfoil and put on the fire. Thanks Andrea and Jon! What was in there??? Carrots, potatoes, and some cut up sausage.. folded up in tinfoil and thrown on the fire. I want to make that again one day. They musta put some other sauces and seasonings in there cause it was tasty- tasty!!

I snuck into my truck quite early. I love my truck. And I went to sleep. It was great. I love sleeping in my truck. My little bat cave! I had another sleep in read and sleep again morning.. NICE! I ate granola bars and read my book and fell back to sleep. I got up and helped clean up. Jon and Andrea headed out pretty early. We started packing up the tents and toys and Wade and I headed back into town around noon. All we could think of was the Taco Bell back in Nanaimo. We had to ask where it was cause we took a wrong exit. We had to drive back to get it... and it was worth it. We left Taco Bell (I still had a bag of goodies!) We drove to Duke Point and drove straight onto the 3:30 ferry. WOW! Amazing!! We were the last ones on! We had a reservation for 5:45 - but hey.. who waits? WOOHOOO!

I stayed in the truck reading my book until I fell back asleep and then.. we were there! I love to read and nap... I wonder where I get that personality trait... eh dad?

Home.. SHOWER.. Taco Bell.. BED! sweet eh? Where to next?


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