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I finally made it up to G and J's Shabin at Pavillion Lake. They have owned this sweet spot for eleven years now. They have built it with their bare hands and I wish I would have seen it at the start to truly understand the evolution of where it is today. I look forward to having this marker in time, as it continues to evolve. 

First off, the SHABIN, which is short for SHED and CABIN is a name that does not do the cabin justice. It is way bigger than I imagined. I thought it was only as big as a bed, but it contains a sitting area, kitchen type area, large cupboard, and enough space above to build a loft bed. 

I will write more under each photo and tell you some tales of our mini adventure. 
Here is a good view of the camp. You can see the Shabin, the picnic table is in the covered area next to it, then there is a shed for tools. You can see the blue tent where Biggy and I slept and then there is the fire pit where Biggy is playing Lego.
Right across the road is this little pathway to the lake. No one can move in here. This lane is for bringing your boat down to the lake.
This is the end of the lane and the entrance to the lake. One of these kayaks is G's and the other is a neighbours.

Nice clear water.
Beautiful views.

The road: Smith Road.
View from the road.
The cactus garden.
The picnic table area.
J made brownies in a dutch oven. He did this special for Biggy.
G in her cute cover up and sun hat.
You can see they have every type of cooking tool you need. You can make anything at the Shabin.
View from the Shabin patio.

Beside the blue tent is the shed where there is a composting toilet. Unfortunately, that is G's job at the end of each weekend. Very nice to have a place to go though. Thank-you G!

Marshmallow Oreo S'mores. I never want to hear the word marshmallow again.

Crooked photo - still getting used to my new camera.
My toes by the fire.
Not sure why G looks like a ghostie... but it is kinda cool.

G and J have a lot of boats. This is the canoe. G, Christian, and I paddled through the swampy area and found new pathways out. We went to all G's favourite swim spots. We started out towing Biggy on his own floaty behind the boat. He was just relaxing. G has some flat noodles too (linguines) that were nice water chairs.
J went out in the little motor boat and caught a fish for dinner. He showed Biggy how to clean it.

Biggy was pretty bummed no one would play Monopoly with him. We did play Star Wars and Dominoes though. Monopoly is just such a long game.
This is the dutch oven where J is baking brownies.
Biggy at the front of the motor boat.
G and I floating on the linguines.

We stopped in Liloet on the way home. There was a playground and a destroyed skate park. I also got Subway and gas. I wouldn't get gas there again because it was more expensive than the gas on the highway. Note to self for next time.
We hit the Whistler skate park on the way home. Whistler was busy.

We also skated Squamish on the way home. It was nice to get out and have these little breaks in the drive. It was almost too much though... as we were both getting a little cranky... but skating made us happy again.

Thank-you to G and J for sharing your shabin adventure with us this weekend. We look forward to coming back and having fun with you again!! 


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