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Jax Beach, Baniener, and Tacos - See ya Next Year!

 It rains in Florida. 
 Marianela Boan was an inspiration. 

 Cool park beside the skate park. 

 Florida is good for napping. 

 Sticky sticks at Salt Life make good glasses. 

Fishy kiss. 
 Cute couple! hahaha!! 

 John likes sparklers and fire works. 
 Frozen yogurt! 
 Another rental in our complex. 
 Ice pops keep you cool. So do these sunglasses. 

 Playing on tire swings. 

 Ice cream with David... after we ate our dinners. 

 This tree had fun lights. 

 Second year house by the river.
 It was raining. 
 But everyone still had fun :-) 
 My sister from DR, Stephanie! 
 Mika, Naporn, Stephanie, Danielle, and Dyanna. 
 Bethany, Nicole, Koreyci, Jodie, and Ashley. 

 PXJ nut. 
 And big boy likes TACOS this year! 

 We didn't get enough pictures of this beautiful beach. Who brings their phone to the beach? I am looking forward to coming back next year!! 

 Sneaking up on John. 

 Guest teacher Lily Baldwin was amazing and super cool. 

 I went for one beach walk at night and called uncle Butch and auntie Helen. 
 Who is this creature? 
 Huge avocado!! 

 Thanks for lending us this music toy Faye! 
 Boo boo nights. 
 Christian touched pooh! 
High five!  

 Despicable Me 3 is much better in theatre 16... not 6! Very boring in 6. 

 Where is everyone? When is the movie starting? 
 Minions fart with their mouths. Now, Christian farts with his mouth. 

 Thanks for the tomato Faye! 
 Tammy and John's wedding photo. 
 Arm pants. 

 windy ocean. 
 Chris in Nicole's show. 
 The Mellow Mushroom bus. 

 Working hard. 
 Christian didn't really like the larges avocado ever. 

 Who knew I would be avoiding goose poop at JU? 
 Christian loves daddy. 
 Is that a Thomas slide that costs $10? and a bank machine that costs $3.50? 
 But it was so much fun! 

 Chill days. 
 John and Tammy. 
 Tammy and Jonny's birthday. Look there is Dixie! 
  A book about Rob at the frozen yogurt spot. 

 A card from John and Tammy for Jon. 
 The real birthday dinner. Thanks Barbara and Annina!! 
 Joe's Crab Shack with ANNINA!!! 

Nose fish. 

 Tickle time! 
 Awesome visit. What a great friend to come all this way to see us!!! Thanks Baniener and Barbara!! 
Steamy fish-eye. 

 Rinse, dry, put back on. Beach life. 
 Jonny making dinner. He loves those boils. 
 Packing up the tracks for the kids. 
Glen hung up my surf board in his garage for next year. Bye Christina.

Outside Graffiti Burger. 

Last visit to the Taco Truck. See you next year Jacksonville Beach! 


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