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2016 Summer Sweat: Issaquah, Umatilla, Twin Falls

First stop: Issaquah, Washington - Motel 6 just east of Seattle on the I-90

Review: Expensive for a Motel 6 ($107 US)
Good pool - warm
renovated rooms
Close by: Arco gas station / IHop
- We probably wouldn't stay here again - we can get farther than this if we leave right away and there is no fear of long weekend. 

Second stop: Umatilla, Oregon - Tillcum Inn on the I-82

Review: Well.... nice people and good little pool. BUT, really cold and windy air con or really hot without it - no sleep and a super strong, attacking shower. Great water pressure - but ow! Loud and heavy up all night people above us.
Close by: "Sports Bar" (strip club)
- We will definitely not stay here again. There were a couple of spots just ahead on our drive that would have made better stops. Or even Kennewick right behind us would have been good. We stayed there in the spring.

Third stop:  Twin Falls, Idaho - Motel 6 - nope - pool closed / Shilo Inn

Review: Expensive but we like ($164 Can.)
Indoor pool
Sofa bed and two TV's with kitchenette
Free breakfast
Close by: EVERYTHING: Ross, Sharis, KFC, Target... everything. 
We will probably stop here every time. It seems to work for us.

Memories so far: 

  • Puff but - jumping into the swimming pool and Big Boy's shorts getting a big air pocket and squishing out the bubbles. 
  • Driving and finding pictures in clouds. 
  •  McDonald's without Play Grounds - BOOOO!!


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