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Summer 2015: Roseburg, Dunnigan (will never be Done AGAIN!) and Santa Cruz

 On the road again. Our first stop was Roseburg. We stopped at the first exit at a Super 8 that was overpriced. When we left the next day and drove the next exit had a Ross and more hotels - might be something cheaper and we can look for deals at Ross. 

Our next stop for the night was Dunnigan at the Motel 6 that was also an America's Best Value Inn. Our first two Motel 6's of the trip were very nice and updated. This one wasn't. It was awful and in the middle of Children of the Corn but the corn had just been taken down - so barren farm land. There were large bugs and a wasps nest right outside our door. There was no love or upkeep put into this motel. Again, the next morning we headed on our way and one of the next stops was Vacaville and we saw a carousel and some action at that stop - and many more hotel options. Soon, we will learn the places that we like to stop. We are getting this trip down more and more each year. 
 Rest stop - blowing dandelions. We played with the ball and he fell and scraped his knees so we put on poly, band-aids, and pants. 

 Kobo glow
 TV glow

 41st street is the exit you take to Capitola Mall - don't forget this!! 
 Jonny found the best pair of shoes. 
 Who actually buys these and loves them??? 

 Sea Lions on the Santa Cruz Pier. The boy can make the sea lion noise really well. 


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We watched the weather forecast closely to make sure we would have some nice days in Seaside. We had until Friday to cancel. The weather looked good until the day we left so we went for it. The morning we woke up to leave (Tuesday), the weather app changed and gave us two bad days. Too late now! Off we went to Seaside. Carrie was already on her way but we did get an earlier start that I thought we would. We left at 7am. Here is the boy before we left - sad faced and with Bear. 
The City Center Motel. We were in unit 1 beside the pool. This was a great unit for us. Number 6 on the other side of the pool looks nice too. I thought we were going to miss having the little cottage one - but this was much nicer because the boy could have his bath.
Tuesday, we arrived and headed straight to the beach to play. We did wave jumping, beach bowling, and we made some roads and tunnels. Christian found a buddy his age and they had a great time chasing each other and playing.

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