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Seaside Annibirthversary: The Broken Swing


We were in the car at 7:50 and on our way. We took the normal border and there was about a ten minute wait. It wasn't bad at all. We stopped at Tyulalip. Jonny got a hat, I got two pairs of Volcom shorts, and the boy got a car and a Star Wars game. The boy played on the cars - but none of them were working - not even with my keys. They are broken. (Can you hear his little voice?) 

Our next stop was our anniversary lunch: The Crab Pot. The boy did some colouring and played with Boo. He didn't eat any of the foods we thought he would like: corn on the cob, potatoes, or little sausages, so we ordered him some french fries. He did pretty good - the whole trip.

I sustained two injuries from eating crab. I was cracking one open just as I was thinking, I am not going to make it out of this unscathed. At that instant a crab shell cut both thumbs. I ate a potato with my knife and fork and scraped away a prawn shell and ate that - but there was still so much crab left. There was no way I could give up. Luckily our server brought me antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and finger condoms - back in the game! Here are my bandaged thumbs after the math. What a trooper!

This dog is smart. He is waiting at the take-out window at Taco Bell / KFC - dinner!
The drive was a little rough through Seattle - Tacoma so we ended up cutting over to the 101 a little earlier than planned. (Through Olympia) This takes a little longer - but it is better to be moving than sitting. We arrived later than planned to the gloomy, misty rain of Seaside. We went for a walk, drove to Safeway, and headed home to get the boy ready for bed. Carrie arrived shortly after and we had a little chill before we all called this long day a night!
Jonny got IMPORTED beer!

Jonny game me my birthday presents a few hours early!! SWEET! Thanks my love!!


Saturday morning Carrie and I head out into the misty rain to our first surf session. We drove to Cannon Beach and picked up her board and a wet suit for me from her usual spot. The guy in there is really nice and Carrie's board is a ten foot beaute! We drove to Indian beach and got suited up. We were the first ones in the water. It was pretty choppy and mushy but we went out and got wet. It was my birthday after all! Indian beach is really beautiful and it is my new spot. I am going here all the time.

We parked right here - you could see the car from the ocean.

After surfing the boy rode a horse and we got some food at the pub with the awesome fish tacos and the games.

Connect Four! I am still a fan.
Anniversary hat - it is my wedding hat - but new and clean and fresh!

Walk to the outlets to get underoooos!!

Swim time - all ready to go!

Shilo time.



It was a rough night. The boy didn't get to bed on time and had his night terrors - where he screams but isn't awake and there is nothing you can do but try to comfort him and ease him back to sleep - which can take .. an hour.. and then it happens again. Daddy ended up taking care of the boy and sharing the bed with the boy. Good daddying!! 
Carrie getting suited up for surf number two.
The boys came with us this time because it wasn't raining.

The boy crashed out in the car after all that beach time.
Mommy's hat.. mommy's shoes.
Christian got a new train and track: choo choo train.
More beach time - with some new friends.


Carrie and I went for a little beach run. It was my first run in a long time. There is nothing like a good beach run. It was misty and beautiful.

You ever want to go to the States - no line up on a holiday Monday - not one car! Our drive back was pretty quick. We stopped once for food and gas at Tyulalip and our only wait was the border - about 50 minutes. Not too bad for a holiday Monday.

Video coming soon!


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