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Christian's Second Birthday in Whistler: November 21 - 23, 2014

We decided to go to Whistler to start travel sleep training. Christian got a new sleeping bag, travel cot, and duffel skate bag for his birthday... (oh and Daddy had a whole lot of Matchbox trucks and tractors for him.) 

The drive up to Whistler was not very pleasant. It was raining and dark. The boy wanted "OUT" and screamed the last forty minutes. Not even new cars or snacks would distract him. 

Mom and Dad were already there when we arrived. We stayed at the Crystal Lodge and they were right next door at the Hilton. We had a bar and The Spaghetti Factory in our hotel. We had some food  and drinks at the Spagh. Mom walked the boy all over the hotel and up and down the stairs. 

On Christian's birthday morning we went for a walk all over the village and over to the skate park. It was pretty icy in the skate park. The boy kept saying, "Careful." He found some tiny gravel that he liked to walk in. I couldn't get him away from the gravel - back and forth and over the little hills. I guess it felt different on his feet. We found some snow in the village by the gondola. It was super hard and icy, "Careful." Christian led the way up and down stairs and along the different walkways. Sometimes he would just decide to sit in a chair. He found a nice one outside of El Furniture - too bad they weren't open yet. 

We went back to the hotel for a bit and got the stroller. Then we were going to walk and find something to eat. Before we knew it the boy was asleep. We covered him with a blanket and let him rest. He didn't sleep that well in the hotel the first night.

Carrie arrived and met us for lunch. Then we walked through the village looking for new snowboard boots for Carrie- but Comor was closed and moving to a new location. 

Here are some evening shots of Whistler. 

 Back to mom and dad's place to open presents and eat some birthday cake.  Oh ya, and Carrie got measured on the boy's measuring stick because the boy wouldn't stand still. He was over tired. 

The second night in the hotel the boy had night terrors from 11 - 12am. It was really awful. But eventually it ended and he had a good sleep. Both of my boys slept on the way home and everyone had a good sleep back in their own beds.

I would call this a successful sleepy adventure. 


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