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Vegas Anni-Birth-Versery - 40th Edition

Day 1 - Wednesday
Vancouver - Seattle - Las Vegas - and surprise! Mom and Pops are in town for the 40th celebration!! Thank-you!

First beer at the Canuck Restaurant at YVR. 

This toy area looked boring but was very entertaining and you could stroller up to it - hours of entertainment for a kid. 

On flight one from Vancouver to Seattle - up and down. 

Seattle on the train to N gate. 

Final distraction is the iPad. His little fingers kept sliding the game over or messing it up someway. There must me something in the settings to prevent this from happening. 

 First thing you do - is check out the spot. See boy - this is where we will be tomorrow. 
 And hydrate - drink lots of water! 

 Don't go to the Irish pub and get Irish nachos = suck! Kettle chips with sauce. They got paid for and not eaten. Nasty! 
Do - go to Ross - Don't - always expect Ross to have all the clothes you will need for the trip.

Day 2 - Las Vegas - Skate - Swim - PARTY! Asleep by 9:30!! haha

Jonny's mexican mush breakfast - the first time was green and the second was red. Nice view though. 

New shirts - and hoodie.

Time for a bucket of beer. We need it for the ice! 

Mom and Pops ate at the  Eiffel tower and then met us at Planet Hollywood. 

 Then we went to the bird sanctuary at the Flamingo.


 We couldn't have ended the evening off better this! Elevator ride with KISS.

Day 3 - It's My Birthday! Swim - Birthday Breakfast - Nap - Walk to Fashion Mall - Taxi to Downtown - Skate Contest - The Golden Nugget and quick exit! (Literally)

Breakfast burrito! 

Pirate ship is getting some work done. 

Back for another bucket of Buds! 

Mean Muggin'

Down Town Vegas - heading to the skate comp. Jonny borrowed some pics from IG of the comp. 

Na na na na na na na na na naaaaaa
Eat fish with fish
Or just the free bread.

Day 4 - Skate - Swim - Good bye to Mom and Pops - Read by the pool - Chill Day! 

Daddy came swimming! 
 What? When was this? What an angel.. hahha
 This looks like what I am doing right now - computering.

Smooshy face

Day 5 - Skate - Swim - Read by the pool - No Steak and Crab!

Underwater baby butt.

He is standing on his skateboard (on the carpet)
 Laundry basket and ice bucket games.

New York New York no longer had their steak and crab deal - so we went to the Outback - they didn't have crab either. I guess we will have to hit the Crab Pot on the way to Venice Beach.

Day 6 - Las Vegas - Vancouver 

 We love this couch :-)
 The boy loves this phone.

We missed Yolandi at the airport by an hour!! boo!! I know we will kick ourselves for not going to the show Thursday - but hey - we got to go to Vegas! 
 The boy loved sleeping in his own bed - he didn't want to get up. Poor lamby is getting squished.
More birthday presents for me when I got home from school on Tuesday - SPOILED!! Thank-you my love! 

A little swim video:


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