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Vancouver Spring Chill

This spring break we needed to save up money so we didn't go anywhere. We regret that now because it rained so much!!! Sometimes it would get sunny enough to dry the roads and then a big black cloud would roll in and it would drench us as soon as we had been loured out; teased and sent back in. Even though the weather was not ideal I still had a lot of good times with my boys. Here are some memories:

Trying to meet my cousin 
Got a pic
Sent the fake smile back 
Irish boy

Green burrito - Happy St. Patty's Day! 
I got to get together with my dance teacher friends and see all of their kids. That was hectic. There was so much to chat about but it seemed all we did was run after this kid or that. I was proud of us for even trying to get all the kids together with so many different schedules and needs.
Ivy on the right
Mateo saying good night! 
My girls and their babes!  
Toys that make noise stay in the room - Daddy's new rule. 
We sent a lot of pictures to grandma in California. 
We drank a lot of juice - thanks daddy :-)  
Maybe one of my favourite moments - nap time with my boy.
We made some faces 

We swung

Hi Grandma! 
And we get this great one back - no smiles - tough guy. 
Ordered Sam some ammo 
Went skating

Ate some fast food - Taco Time
Mexi Fry! 
We went swimming a lot.  

We sent pictures of new holes to dad. 
We got a picture of auntie Helen and uncle Butch back - happy! 
Planned our patio ideas
Nice patio table. 
Terrible stools though. 
Bananas and cheese 
We went skating again. 

We chilled
Christian fed himself pasta
And brushed his own teeth in the tub. 
Sam went skating 
I planned my next skate shoes. 
And Jonny found Christian's next hat.  
I braided my mullet. 
We helped daddy grocery shop.  

We moved our play table inside and practiced with crayons. 

But mostly made faces at ourselves in the mirror. 
We did the coffee walk a lot. 
And walked home from the park for the first time. 

Dressed up like a horse. 

Daddy took pictures of my shoes and board - documentation. 

The view from Christian's room. 
E Spot
More pictures for grandma in California

They are having more fun than us. 
It is raining again. 
Good morning - last day of spring break… boo hoo! 

The last day of spring break it rained and rained. We went for a swim and walked there in the hail. Then, the sun came out. We went for a tea and a coffee and found Christian and Jonny new hats on sale. We didn't think it would get dry but it did. After dinner we went for a half hour skate and then we walked home along the c wall and got ice cream! Spring break redeemed itself! 
End of spring break new hats!

C wall walk home from E spot - pretty! 
Here is a "quick" video:


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